A Tribute to Tommy Severson by Tom Benolkin
In memory of Tommy Severson 5-22-57 to 1-22-09

More Photos

Here he waits on the line with his father, Kermit (1973)

In 1972, he finished #2 in the state at the ripe old age of 15. (Manakto, 1973)

Posing with his familiar Burnsville Sports Center jearsy (Cambridge, 1973)

You rarely see a pic of Tommy with anyone in it unless it was the 1st corner...He was gone after that. That's a Monark, style 1972 (Mankato, 1972)

Big bike action CR 250 Elsinore. Notice.. NO one else racing with him in the picture! (Stanchfield, 1973)

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