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Welcome to With a few minor diversions, this cyber-museum is focused on Motocross and the great riders who hail from Minnesota. Now declaring himself a Minnesota Motocross Historian, the eccentric original founder has found new motivation telling stories about events that happened a long time ago, both on this web site and in books.
Gopher State Moto Photos is available for secure purchase on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.

Pioneers of Minnesota Motocross is available for secure purchase on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover.

The In Memory, Hiking, and Boris Of Bass photos are now on
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Motorcyle, sort of, Stories
Book and Stories
Also includes Tall and Sometimes True Tales and Bob's Favorite Books about Motorcycle Racing (so far)

MN Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Active riders' pages updated through end of the 2024 Supercross

The main web exhibit is the Minnesota Professional Motorcycle Racing Fall of Fame. The sprawling wing contains statistics and stories about the many great motorcycle riders from Minnesota who have had success at the professional level.

Back in the Day
After being revived early in 2021, added a Back in the Day page, and a new section to the Hall of Fame; Pros from the 1970s. As the names suggest, most of the new material is from the 1970s, a pioneering time for the sport and the state and a rich source of fun stories. This is a collection of stories about fast riders from Minnesota. These loose guidelines allow for tangents, stories that can t be easily verified, and anything remotely related to Minnesota and riding dirt bikes.

All Time AMA MX and SX Win Lists
Updated through the end of the 2024 Supercross Season

These All Time AMA Win lists are my primary exception to the "Minnesota Only" theme. It gives me a chance to be a stat geek and list great US Motocross riders. I present the numbers as they are without commentary, or any arbitrary ranking system.
What many would call "Legacy" sections Classic, circa 2001-2010

The content having to do with Minnesota Amateur Motorcycle racing stopped being current in 2010. For those who want to get a glimpse of the glory days, or to read District 23 race stories from the 2000s, the link to Classic is a preservation of that history.

Incorrect Lyrics
These are primarily parody lyrics for other songs, a hobby I had since Mad Magazine would do it way back when. I stopped adding to this when I started trying to make music myself. Disclaimer: Lyrics were harmed in the making of these pages. Archive
The author ran a fantasy football league from 1993-2007, the first several years pre-dated all the fancy tools currently available. The fantasy part was taken to the next level, with the game reports often including stories of angry players on the bench, fighting mascots, fake quotes from team owners, and fictional home fields. Sadly, because of the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2003, only the last 4 years of those stories live on, but all of the year-by-year History, and the Lifetime Stats for every RABEFL team owner, are there for the 17 people who may care.