Welcome to the Minnesota Motorcycle Racing Hall of Fame. The intent of this collection is to highlight the motorcycle racing careers of the many talented riders from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The goal is to include anyone from Minnesota who raced motorcycles professionally. AMA Supercross and Motocross records are complete and readily available. Finding details for Canadian Motocross, Arenacross, and many other professional racing series, is much more difficult. Self-reporting of participation in these races is strongly encouraged.

The World Supercross Series, or WSX, started late 2022. Although it had championship status and many top riders, it was really a two-round pilot series. Existing Hall members Mitchell Oldenburg and Henry Miller both competed in this initial season. The 2023 schedule has 6 rounds in 4 continents. It looks like the series will continue. It will be included in any updates to this web site starting in 2022.

Active Riders

Index of Motocross riders by last name

Index of Motocross riders by year qualified

These categories for Motocross are made roughly along the lines of how well they did and how many events they qualified for. I know assigning arbitrary categories can result in disagreements about who should be where, but I really wanted the most accomplished riders to stand out. I hope these designations donít distract from what any of these riders did.

Gold Level

Championships, Wins, Podiums, other Firsts

Silver Level

At least one podium or many finishes in the Top Ten

Bronze Level

At least one Motocross Top 20 overall or qualified for a Supercross Main

Pros from the 1970s

In the Points

In the top 20 in a least one moto, but not Top 20 overall

Multiple Event Qualifiers

Qualified for the mains in Motocross several times

One Time Qualifiers
Made it into the big show at least once, mostly at Millville

Hall Members Racing Locally

From the MXBob.com race reports, circa 2002-2009

Lorretta Lynns 2023

Other Venues
The other venues are presented here, but are rather incomplete. Iím not quite sure who gave me these lists, but if they were accurate in 2007, they are likely not accurate anymore.

Flat Track

Hill Climb

Cross Country

Road Racing

The idea for this had been periodically debated in the conference rooms of the palatial MXBob.Com headquarters, but the funding was always lacking. Spurred on by an offhand comment by national columnist, and part-time actor, David Pingree, an anonymous donor agreed to pour in the necessary capital to let the world know about all the great motorcycle riders that have come from Minnesota. And No Ping, Tom Benolkin is not a ď68-year-old physics professor from MaineĒ. Not in 2006, not ever.