Tall and Sometimes True Tales

Welcome to the Tall Tales section of MXBob.com, a somewhat eclectic collection of stories, some old, some new.

2021 Year In Review
A Minnesota-centric look at the 2021 AMA Supercross and Motocross championships

MX Bob Classics

These stories date back to the early days of Vintage MXBob.com, the late 90s. Despite only modest revisions over the years, they remain just as irrelevant now as they were then.

Hall Members Racing Locally
This section contains over thirty MXBob.com race reports, circa 2002-2009, races that included MN Hall of Famers ranging from veteran pros, Tom Benolkin and Lee Erickson, to young at the time Alex Martin and Henry Miller.

My Life as a Motorcycle History
After some tense negotiations, the 2017 runaway bestseller was transferred from RockHiker.com back to its ancestral home here at MXBob.com.

Living the Dream
Donny Schmit Wins Millville National

What I learned from watching Supercross the Movie
Important tips for those that dare watch the movie

Kicking the MX Habit
(Are They Serious?) Tips for recovering motocross addicts

Strange New World at 2007 Saint Louis Supercross
Eric "rammer" Sorby surprises

Back to Millville, 9 years later
Attending the 2015 Millville National after a long wait

Good Bye to the MXBob.com Grass Track
A look back at The Secret Track

Complete Old Motocross Rider's Guide

An Old Motocross Rider's Guide to Dirt Track
A Senior rookie tries the Cambridge TT

An Old Motocross Rider's Guide to Quad Racing
A Senior rookie tries Quad Motocross

An Old Motocross Rider's Guide to Hillclimb
A Senior rookie tries a Hillclimb

An Old Motocross Rider's Guide to Vintage Motocross
Old Guy rides Old Bikes

Motocross Songs
Yes, lyrics were harmed in the making of these pages

Also Ran (Piano Man)

I Love Racing Motocross (Electric Eye)

Loose Wheel (Lucille)

Riding Wild (Running Wild)

This is the Track I Love (This Ain't the Summer of Love)