Gary Gengel - Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Gary Gengel - Motocross

Gary Gengel was a fast amateur in the early days of District 23. He won the 1974 125 A championship in only his second year of racing. He stopped racing in 1977, but when he came back in 1978, besides racing and doing well back in Minnesota, he hit the road for a few pro regional and 125 National races.

help from Burnsville Sports Center, but was still very much a privateer. He raced about half the rounds, gradually improving, capping it off with a 10th in the first moto at Southwick, Mass. It was the first top 10 moto finish for a Minnesota rider in the 250 class.

He followed it up with a flat tire in the second moto. His underwhelming purse check of $180 didnít even cover gas and parts. Not too long after that, he decided to quit racing, quit hockey, and go to school. He would go on to become a successful lawyer

Not completely done with racing, he won many Snocross races for Arctic Cat, and was racing motorcycles back in the District 23 Vet classes in the early 2000s.

Big holeshot for Gary and the red Honda

Gary raced in one of the first Amateur Nationals in 1976, held at the legendary Carlsbad track

Many years later Gary (34) leads Vet A at Millville. To his left is 1977 250 state champ, Mike Graif (56), and late 70s 125 front runner, Tim Bartylla (246).