Minnesota Professional Motorcycle Racing Hall of Fame
Pros from the 1970s

There were several riders from Minnesota giving professional Motocross a shot in the 1970s. Many people know about Tom Benolkin, either from his factory Kawasaki years, 1981 and 1982, or from vintage racing a few decades later. These other riders may not be as widely known outside of Minnesota.

Some of these Stories have made their way into book Pioneers of Minnesota Motocross.

Rick Heiseke

Several winter trips to Florida to race top pros

Tommy Severson

Competed in a 125 National in 1974

Jay Holst

Competed in a Nationals starting in 1976

Tom Benolkin

12th at 1978 Herman, NE 125 National
7th in a 125 GP moto in 79.
First to appear in two different Categories in this Hall of Fame

Gary Gengel

Raced 125 nationals in 1978, 250 in 1979

Todd Elmer

Rode against GP guys in the mud

This is not a complete list yet, but itís getting close. If you know of someone that fit this loose definition of MN 70s MX Pro, especially if you have pictures of them, please contact the MXBob.com research staff.