Todd Elmer - Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Todd Elmer - Motocross

Buffalo, 1977

Longtime District 23 competitor, Todd Elmer, raced snowmobiles and motorcycles professionally in the 1970s. He was on the factory Polaris team with Winnipeg 500 winner and fellow western Minnesotan, Archie Simonson. They were also very fast on motorcycles during their “off-season”.

Todd and his father, Don Elmer, travelled with Tom Benolkin to some of the regional pro qualifiers early in their pro careers. Todd was a good starter and a consistent rider. He didn’t have the speed of Benolkin, but secured a few good finishes at the regionals.

It was muddy day in Ohio that lands him here in the Hall. This particular road trip with Benolkin was to the 1979 Mid-Ohio 125 USGP. While Benolkin was noticed nationally for his first moto seventh, he DNF the second race. Many top riders recorded DNFs including Harry Everts, Akira Watanabe, and Jeff Ward.

Meanwhile, Todd rode steady in the mud, getting his bike to the finish in both races. His 13-12 score netted him 9th overall. This makes him the first Minnesota rider to finish in the top ten overall at a Gran Prix. Bet that’s not who you would have guessed.