Bruce Dehn - Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Bruce Dehn - Motocross

Bruce Dehn, his older brother, John, and younger brother, Kyle, were regulars at Grantsburg. Bruce and John ran up front, often battling with another sand master, and fellow Hall of Fame member, Scott Jendro. This article describes one of many of their battles at Grantsburg, this one from 2006, but there are many others about those three in the Hall of Famers Racing Locally wing.

Bruce made his first nationals in 2006, qualifying at both Millville and Red Bud, but not quite in the points. He also competed in the now-defunct Boo Koo Arenacross series in 2006. His brother, John Dehn, along with several other Minnesotans, were on the GPS Racing / Storm Lake Honda team headed by the late George Hodkinson. Records are difficult to come by, but the author remembers Bruce being on the podium on at least one occasion. This article describes the bone-chilling weekend when the series came to Target Center.

In 2007, he again qualified for the 2 “home” tracks, but also made the show at Colorado and Texas. In the spring of 2008, Bruce and his family made the trip to Saint Louis to give Lites Supercross (as it was called then) a try. Most will remember this as the race that Canard ran Villopoto into a post to take the Lites East championship. Bruce’s goal was simpler. He just wanted to qualify for his first Supercross main event.

Bruce got past the first hurdle, qualifying for the night show with ease. A 14th in his heat was not enough to get the job done, so the LLQ was, as it is so aptly named, his last chance to make it in. After a fairly good start, he worked his way up to 4th securing the last spot in the main, and unbeknownst to the MX Bob research crew until 12 years later, making it into this Hall of Fame.

He qualified at Millville again in 2008 and 2009, but finished outside the points. Most of his professional success was in the Arenacross series, but for one night in Saint Louis, he was racing on the biggest stage.