Jendro, Bruce Dehn battle to a draw in Premier Opener

Grantsburg MX, April 23, 2006

The first Premier race of the District 23 season took place in the deep sand of Grantsburg Motocross Park. This was also a Kawasaki contingency race and the green thumpers swept the podium in both of the Premier classes, 125cc A and 250cc A. Scott Jendro and Bruce Dehn were running out front throughout all four of the twelve-lap motos, with their battles in the 125 class keeping the crowd running to the fences.

The promoting Straight Arrow Enduro Riders brought back the Rossí Wrists Sweeper, adding ten to twenty seconds to the lap times. Another unseasonably pleasant day put the upgraded watering system to its first real test. Many hours of watering replaced the normally wet spring weather, but in the end, the track conditions were quite tacky, leaving the track with ever-growing berms and whoops.

The 125s were the first Premier class out, and with a relatively smooth track waiting for them, the Dehn brothers, Bruce and Kyle (It was Prom weekend for elder brother, John) took the early lead. Scott Jendro moved quickly his Team Green / Caswell Cycle / RBP/ Hayford Ford / KX250F up from a mid-pack start and into second. Bruce continued to lead as Jendro was closing the gap until getting balked by a lapper mid-race and nearly crashing. Dehn was able to maintain the gap as the race wore on, holding the lead until the end. Jendro was a close second, nearly a lap ahead of third place, Kyle, then Thomas Miller and Nathan Rosso.

Bruce Dehn and Kyle Dehn lead the 125cc A class over the Tunnel Jump in moto one.

Jendro buries his 250f into the Bottomless Sand Berm

In the second 125 moto, Jendro grabbed a rare 125 class holeshot and the battle with Bruce was on. Jendro, who at 200 pounds is everything a 250F can handle, was obviously giving up some weight in the power-robbing sand, but made it up for it by keeping the throttle in the fully locked position. As the laps wore on, that wasnít quite enough as the smooth riding Dehn inched away. The two never backed off their pace, lapping up to fourth. Kyle was third again. Rounding out the top five overall were James Easler (6-4) and James Lorr (7-5).

This year, the extra incentive added by District 23 is the Triple Class Challenge. If a rider can win both Premier classes and one other A class, they will win a bike and a spot on the GPS Arenacross team.

Whether this was the reason or the prospect of plenty of track time, there were more riders in the classes at this race than the previous two races, even though the overall rider count was slightly less at this event.

The 250s took place later in the order, with the track, even in the first moto, noticeably rougher. Again, it was Bruce Dehn and Jendro battling up front. Dehn lead until tangling with a lapper on lap five. He was up quickly, but Jendro was long gone, taking the moto win by well over 20 seconds and lapping up to fourth. Dehn was next, followed by Bill Medek, Eric Kowalik, and Easler.

In the second moto, Jendro put on a sand riding clinic. Having put up a 20+ second gap after 4 laps, he fell down, had time to remount, restart, and proceeded to build up the gap again, ultimately lapping up to fourth. Dehn was second in the moto and overall, followed by Kowalik (4-3), Medek (3-4), and Easler (5-6).

Mark Brunsberg (831) diced with Mike Murphy (Iron Maiden album cover artwork) for the lead in both motos of Vet C.

The 250 B class features many riders who could be the Premier riders of the future. In the first moto, Tyler Zelazny lead into the third lap, but Mike Mikrot broke away from five-rider scrum for third and into a lead he would increase as the race went on. Zelazny hung on for second over a closing Ryan Enerson, Dana Yakuk and Jeremy Schwietz.

Super Vet, Erin Laschinger, was on the podium again in the Women's class.

The second moto featured even more close racing. Zelazny again lead after a lap, but Jamie Ledin and Enerson both moved by, briefly fighting for the win, until Ledin pulled away. Enerson was in a gap in second as was Matt Bristow in third. Justin Drum and Benjamin Kleven moved up to fill out the top five. Consistency was hard to find as overall it was Enerson (3-2), Zelazny (2-6), Bristow (6-3), second-moto crashing Mikrot (1-10), and Ledin (11-1).

Apparently not having quite enough with the 48 laps of Premier races, Jendro, who also lists Factory Connection, NBC Contractors, Quality Car Care, Bel-Ray, and ASV as sponsors, lead all the way in both 16-24 A races, to become the only double class A rider of the day. Alex Peper was again a double-winner, this time in Supermini and 125 Jr. Brian Garvey topped 125 C and 16-24 C, Jon Culver won 25+ B and 30+ B, and Gary Smetana was top dog in 40+ B and 45+.

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50cc Oil Inj. 4-8:
1.Bailey Kroone (KTM); 2.Garrett Strong (KTM); 3.Nathan Schlegel (Yam); 4.Tanner Walczak (KTM); 5.Jeret Corty (KTM); 6.Joshua Crowley (KTM); 7.Adrian Bearhart (Yam); 8.Justin Malean (COB);

50cc Multispeed 4-8:
1.Sarah Corcoran (KTM); 2.Antonio Burton (Hon);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Garrett Strong (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Tayva Strom (KTM); 2.Liam Strong (KTM); 3.Alex Spizman (KTM); 4.Parker Hyde (KTM); 5.Justin Evans (KTM); 6.Jacqueline Riess (KTM); 7.Nicholas Haut (KTM); 8.Brandon Malean (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Matthew Mausolf (Kaw); 2.Clifford Benjamin (Kaw); 3.Damon Bearhart (Suz); 4.Clayton Bonnicksen (Kaw);

65cc 10-11:
1.Eric Anderson (KTM); 2.Keenan Strom (KTM); 3.Chris Sundsvold (Suz); 4.Mark Stoner (Kaw);

85cc 7-11:
1.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 2.Aaron Rouse (Kaw); 3.Zach Wellman (Kaw); 4.Keenan Strom (Suz);

85cc 9-12:
1.Shane Rhode (KTM); 2.Zach Wellman (Kaw); 3.Aaron Rouse (Kaw); 4.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 5.Boden Smetana (Suz); 6.Jared Torgerson (Yam);

85cc 12-15:
1.Dalton Carlson (Kaw); 2.Alex Peper (Yam); 3.Dustin Carlson (Suz); 4.Shane Rhode (KTM); 5.Taylor Leuthner (Yam); 6.Matt Brisbois (Yam); 7.Damon Medek (Yam); 8.Zack Berg (Suz);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Alex Peper (Yam); 2.Dalton Carlson (Kaw); 3.Dustin Carlson (Suz); 4.Jeremy Ledin (KTM); 5.Shane Rhode (KTM); 6.Chad Noaeill (Suz); 7.Cody Belanger (Suz); 8.Zack Berg (Suz);

125 Junior 12-15:
1.Alex Peper (Yam); 2.Taylor Leuthner (Yam); 3.Zachary Shermer (Suz); 4.Cody Stadin (Hon);

125 A:
1.Bruce Dehn (Kaw); 2.Scott Jendro (Kaw); 3.Kyle Dehn (Kaw); 4.James Easler (Yam); 5.James Lorr (Yam); 6.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 7.Thomas Miller (Hon); 8.Steven Lorr (Yam);

125 B:
1.Jamie Ledin (Yam); 2.Ryan Enerson (Hon); 3.Mike Mikrot (Hon); 4.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 5.Bryce Bernloehr (Hon); 6.Craig Torgerson (Yam); 7.Travis Amiot (Kaw); 8.Kenny Laplante (Hon);

125 C:
1.Brian Garvey (Kaw); 2.Scott Hongos (Kaw); 3.Kyle Hoffmann (Kaw); 4.Zach Quigley (Kaw); 5.Robert Weidema (Hon); 6.Jake Matuseski (Hon); 7.Jake Dragseth (Hon); 8.Jake Yahrmatt (Hon);

250/Open A:
1.Scott Jendro (Kaw) 2.Bruce Dehn (Kaw) 3.Eric Kowalik (Kaw) 4.Bill Medek (Yam); 5.James Easler (Yam); 6.Chad Koenig (Kaw); 7.Chad Johnson (Yam); 8.Sheldon Fratzke (Suz);

250/Open B:
1.Ryan Enerson (Hon); 2.Tyler Zelazny (Kaw); 3.Matt Bristow (Kaw); 4.Mike Mikrot (Hon); 5.Jamie Ledin (Yam); 6.Justin Drum (Yam); 7.Jeremy Schwietz (Yam); 8.Steve Udeen (Hon);

250/Open C:
1.Casey Lajoie (Hon); 2.Kyle Erickson (Yam); 3.Chad Noaeill (Hon); 4.Jacob Hillesheim (Suz); 5.Nick Hughes (Suz); 6.Jacob Leclair (Yam); 7.Shawn Marten (Hon); 8.Lee Gardener (Kaw);

16/24 A:
1.Scott Jendro (Kaw); 2.Chad Koenig (Kaw); 3.Steven Lorr (Yam); 4.James Lorr (Yam); 5.Luke Mattilla (Yam);

16/24 B:
1.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 2.Benjamin Kleven (Yam); 3.Justin Collins (Hon); 4.Bryce Bernloehr (Hon); 5.Brian Uebel (Suz); 6.Jeff Vetos (Kaw); 7.Kenny Laplante (Hon); 8.Dana Yacuk (Suz);

16/24 C:
1.Brian Garvey (Kaw); 2.Jacob Leclair (Yam); 3.Kyle Erickson (Yam); 4.Chris Janzig (Yam); 5.Dj Keeler (Hon); 6.Lee Gardener (Kaw); 7.Lonni Gardner (Suz);

25+ A:
1.Eric Kowalik (Kaw); 2.Bill Medek (Yam); 3.Lee Erickson (Yam); 4.Rick Amatuzio (Hon); 5.Charles Forrest (Hon); 6.Kyle Love (Suz); 7.Chad Johnson (Yam); 8.Sheldon Fratzke (Suz);

25+ B:
1.Jon Culver (Yam); 2.Jeremy Schwietz (Yam); 3.Justin Drum (Yam); 4.Brandon Lang (Suz); 5.Taylor Curry (Hon); 6.Kevin Dennison (Hon); 7.Dave Dirkman (Hon); 8.Karl Bloomquist (Kaw);

25+ C:
1.Casey Lajoie (Hon);

30+ A:
1.Lee Erickson (Yam); 2.Rick Amatuzio (Hon); 3.Kyle Love (Suz); 4.Ray Schlegel (Kaw); 5.Craig Janzig (Hon); 6.Brad Bromenschenkel (Hon); 7.Jeremie Reinhart (Hon); 8.Eric Garvey (Hon);

30+ B:
1.Jon Culver (Yam); 2.David Lawry (Yam); 3.Rob Murphy (Hon); 4.Jim Nelson (Hon); 5.Paul Ruprecht (Hon); 6.Ross Bjorlin (Hon); 7.Dave Dirkman (Hon);

30+ C:
1.Mark Brunsberg (Hon); 2.Michael Murphy (Hon); 3.Tony Rea (Suz); 4.Craig Schlegel (Hon); 5.Shawn Marten (Hon); 6.Rick Feckers (Hon);

40+ A:
1.Donald Bonnicksen (Kaw); 2.Craig Janzig (Hon); 3.Kevin Schlegel (Kaw); 4.David Spizman (Hon); 5.Tim Bernloehr (Suz); 6.Tom Peterson (Yam); 7.Daniel Lewis (Yam); 8.Jerry Dillon (Yam);

40+ B:
1.Gary Smetana (Hon); 2.Randy Smith (Yam); 3.Bob Housh (Yam); 4.Paul Spears (Hon); 5.Bob Chase (Yam); 6.Mark Nelson (Yam); 7.Patrick Duffy (Yam);

40+ C:
1.Robert Zewers (Yam); 2.Dennis Bohnen (Hon); 3.Joe Novak (Hon);

45+ A:
1.Jerry Dillon (Yam);

1.Gary Smetana (Hon); 2.Tim Kight (Hon); 3.Patrick Duffy (Yam); 4.Danny Buckwalter (Yam);

1.Steve Tinguold (Hon);

1.Kendi Tibboel (Yam); 2.Erin Laschinger (Hon);

Girls 9-13:
1.Cassie Holcomb (Yam);

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