Deer Jumps In Front of Competition
Elko Motocross, September 19, 2004
The last round of the Motokazie Elko-Mankato Dealer Series saw some of the championships already clinched, but many of them did not get decided until this round. Aaron Deer ended up winning titles in two classes, but both to went to the final moto, and he responded to the pressure well.

The premier A classes were dominated by riders who had past or present connections to South Metro Motorsports. Joe Mueller and Brett Ohland were first and second in both 125A and 16-24A. Ohland dominated 250A, often winning by substantial margins. On the other end of the age spectrum, Bob Chase and Dave Hencir took the 40+A and 45+A championships, using heroic rides at Mankato Motocross to seal the titles.

Brett Ohland styling out front

Deer came into the day leading the 16-24 B class by six points over Justin Rumpca. After Rumpca won the first moto and Deer finished fifth, it looked like his points lead may not hold. Deer responded with a holeshot and convincing win in the second moto. Deer’s second overall behind John Emmeck easily clinched the title.

The championship was wide open in the 250cc B class. Matt Wodtke was the points leader going into the day, but was absent, leaving the door open for the riders closely behind him in the standings, Deer and Matthew Boe. Deer finished second in the first moto, but Boe was right behind him, setting up a second moto race for the championship. Deer got the holeshot and checked out, getting the overall and series win. Eric Hughes, another SMM employee and the original owner of Chase’s trusty YZ250, held second for the whole race for second overall. Boe’s third overall moved him into second in the championship by a single point.

Two-time champion, Jeff Sandback, and the Vet B pack race towards the first turn.

Originally written in 2004. Aggressively edited in 2023.

Final Series Results:
50cc Oil Inj. 4-6:
1.Nicholas Haut (KTM); 2.Jacqueline Riess (KTM); 3.Grant Hecht (KTM);

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8:
1.Josh Anderson (Yam); 2.Joey Greig (KTM); 4.Kyle Thomas (KTM);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Ronald Decker (KTM); 2.Nick Schnagl (KTM); 3.Patrick Haney (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Matthew Huinker (KTM); 2.Cole Hauenstein (Kaw); 3.Colton Arneson (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Travis Stewert (Suz); 2.Dylan Wolff (KTM); 3.Tracen Vail (KTM);

65cc 10-11:
1.Dustin Wolff (KTM); 2.Jeremy Juliot (Kaw); 3.Austin Falkman (Suz);

85cc 7-11:
1.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 2.Sam Milbrandt (Kaw); 3.Dan Greig (KTM);

85cc 9-12:
2.Taylor Kotewa (Yam); 3.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 3.Shane Tismer (Yam);

85cc 12-15:
2.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 2.Taylor Kotewa (Yam); 3.Jesse Kangas (Hon);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Jesse Kangas (Hon); 2.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 3.Andrew Rutledge (Hon);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Nick Oja (Yam); 2.Ricky Benson (Hon); 3.Matt Wodtke (Suz);

125 A:
1.Joe Mueller (Hon); 2.Brett Ohland (Yam); 3.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM);

125 B:
1.Matt Foels (Kaw); 2.Brad Perron (Yam); 3.Justin Mckinley (Yam);

125 C:
1.Nick Oja (Yam); 2.James Carsten (Yam); 3.Jacob Coulson (Yam);

250/Open A:
1.Brett Ohland (Yam); 2.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 3.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM);

250/Open B:
1.Aaron Deer (KTM); 2.Matthew Boe (Yam); 3.Matt Wodtke (Yam);

250/Open C:
1.Steve Hanks (Yam); 2.Jay Slattery (Hon); 3.John Reinhart (Hon);

16/24 A:
1.Joe Mueller (Hon); 2.Brett Ohland (Yam); 3.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM);

16/24 B:
1.Aaron Deer (KTM); 2.Brandon Korin (Hon); 3.Matthew Boe (Yam);

16/24 C:
1.Jacob Coulson (Yam); 2.James Carsten (Yam); 3.Kyle Koeberl (Yam);

25+ A:
1.Aaron Carlson (Yam); 2.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 3.Chris Zurek (Hon);

25+ B:
1.Jeremy Tholen (Yam); 2.Mitchell Koebnick (Hon); 3.Clayton Manthe (Hon);

25+ C:
1.Justin Van Denboom (Yam); 2.Matt Borgman (Hon); 3.Kevin Bronson (Hon);

30+ A:
1.Chris Zurek (Hon); 2.Mike Carlson (Suz); 3.Mike Johnson (Hon);

30+ B:
1.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 2.John Mulligan (Yam); 3.Clayton Manthe (Hon);

30+ C:
1.Greg Lamont (Hon); 2.Steven Rierdan (Yam); 3.Brad Cunningham (Hon);

40+ A:
1.Bob Chase (Yam); 2.Ken Matson (Hon); 3.Mike Mineheine (Hon);

40+ B:
1.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 2.Robert Buck (Yam); 3.Jon Holtz (Yam);

40+ C:
1.Jeffrey Schreurs (Kaw); 2.Dan Karg (Yam); 3.Mike Carpenter (Kaw);

45+ A:
1.Dave Hencir (Hon); 2.Jonathan Hodapp (Hon); 3.Randy Saeger (Yam);

45+ B/C:
1.John Dahlen (Kaw); 2.Duane Gunderson (Hon); 3.Robert Breu (Hon);

1.Tiffany Rumpca (Yam); 2.Kristen Oja (Yam); 3.Jessica Hanson (Suz);