The Grand Trans-AMA Quest of 1979

An excerpt from My Life as a Motorcycle List

The Making of Pioneers of Minnesota Motocross

Hall Members Racing Locally

This section contains over thirty race reports, circa 2002-2009, that include MN Hall of Famers ranging from veteran pros, Tom Benolkin and Lee Erickson, to young at the time Alex Martin and Henry Miller.

Burnsville-centered excerpts from Pioneers of Minnesota Motocross

Supermoto comes to Minnesota

Local Supermoto race in 2006 brings out riders from a variety of disciplines.

Deer Jumps In Front of Competition

Titles are clinched in the 2004 Motokazie Elko-Mankato Dealer Series

Good Bye to the Grass Track

A look back at The Secret Track

The Unlikely Story of Stowaway

The Orphan Kitten with a Dream

Motocross Songs
Yes, lyrics were harmed in the making of these pages

Also Ran (Piano Man)

I Love Racing Motocross (Electric Eye)

Loose Wheel (Lucille)

Riding Wild (Running Wild)

This is the Track I Love (This Ain't the Summer of Love)

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