Another MX Bob Lyric - Riding Wild
(sung to the tune of Running Wild by Judas Priest)

I ride as fast as I can
I like to bounce around
Ride crazy like a madman
My feet don't touch the ground
I clear the toughest doubles
I like to get crossed up
cause when they see me racing
they'll know that I'm riding wild

Their past glories are nothing
I'm not impressed at all
I take on all comers
I laugh when I see them fall
They try their best to beat me
but ha ha that just makes me fly
cause what's the point in racing
unless that throttle is wired

No one can stop me now
I'm blowing them away
My lead had grown now
to the length of a straightaway

but I almost crash
into some trees
the part of the track
where all
the crowd
can see

Yes I stumble
sometimes fall
but never stop for rest
I'll get up and start to haul
and I won't give up
The race is never over
until you see that checkered flag fly
and until I see it waving
you know that I'm riding wild

(Guitar solo out)