MX Bob returns to the 2015 Millville National
I was riding in a Can-Am side-by-side down yet another county road lined with corn fields, with much green in the background. Yes, Iím definitely back in Minnesota, and heading towards what used to be a very frequent stop for me, the Millville, AKA Spring Creek, AKA Zumbro, National Motocross race.

My last memory of the Millville National was Ricky Carmichael lapping the field in the mud of 2006. Technically, the last memory would be abusing my car a bit to get out of the muddy field we parked in, and back to the paved road leading to the track. For one reason or another, not the least of which was moving 1800 miles away, I had not been to a national since then.

My wife and I had moved to Arizona in 2012 and visited Minnesota annually since. This year, instead of going in September where it might be cold (our definition of cold has changed rather dramatically), this year we decided to go there in the summer. After making the reservations, I told her, ďWell look at this, there just happens to be the national at Millville the weekend we are there. What a coincidenceĒ

Although I donít race anymore, and as of this moment, donít even own a motorcycle, I still keep track of the pro scene quite closely. Iím not sure if itís because Iíve always been a fan of the sport, even during my dormant periods (ďMy name is Bob and Iím a recovering motocross addict.Ē ďHello BobĒ), or if itís because thereís been a surge of Minnesota riders having success at the national level.

I used to get the print version of Cycle News, but since that went to online-only, my main source has been the Racer X site. I would comment at the bottom of the stories, but always assumed no one read the comments much, especially since they often deteriorate to childish name-calling. Little did I know that people did notice my ramblings.

An unapologetically biased comment poster on the site was Bucky394. He knew the Martins for years and been to every national held there. If someone had something inaccurate or negative to say about Alex or Jeremy, he was there to set them straight. The fact that people come up with negative things about them says a lot about the mentality about some of the other posting comments. I mean, seriously. Itís not like they are perfect, no one is, but they have stayed very humble, worked hard, ride blazing fast, clean, but aggressive.

The year before, Bucky had invited a few other Racer X commenters to a behind the scenes look at the track. Figuring I may already know him, since we ran in such similar circles for a long time, I thought Iíd ask if I could tag along for the race. He very generously agreed, even though it turns out I didnít know him. We were going to check out the track Friday also, so we agreed to meet, along with the rest of the crew going to the races, for breakfast in Zumbro Falls.

We arrived safely in Minnesota a few days earlier, so early Friday morning (really early in AZ time), I headed down. Driving down Hiway 52 brought back a lot of memories. It was the road to the tracks that I thought of as Mazeppa, Zumbro, and Planview, although those are not the official names of any of them. Shortly before getting to 52, I saw these statues by the side of the road that I always found amusing. What does a guy in shorts have to do with anything?

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