Good bye to the the Secret Grass Track
In the early summer of 2011, with a few signatures in a nearby closing company, the era of the Secret Grass Track came to a quiet end. At it's peak, roughly 1999-2002, several thousand CCs of combined dirt bike displacement were laying the power down on the sometimes tacky, often slippery, grassy clay. In those early days, our gypsy-like homestead was in peak condition, gas was under $2 a gallon, and we stayed up there often.

Over the years, we got up there less often, the track grew over, and the trailer started to suffer from lack of attention. When a decent offer came for the property, its once-storied history came to an end. Here are a few memories from "back in the day", or 1999 as some would call it.

Here is one of the many off-cambers. It was a bit muddy this day.

The homestead in all its glory. Not pictured is the 12 x 12 wood shed and the Biffy.

The famous "fast Scully" photo. At his point of time, the 98 YZ250 got no better stand than an old paint bucket.

Rare video

This is the only known video clip of the track being ridden, circa early-2000s. Note the thorough coverage of the hay bales.

The only video link on this site