Penman Writes Winning Formula at Mankato

Mankato MX, July 08, 2007

On a day with stifling heat and tough competition, Brody Penman was able to sweep the 65cc 10-11 and 85cc 7-11 classes. The race was also the fourth round of the Motokazie Dealer Series, was a District 23 Premier round, and had Kawasaki contingency money at stake. With mercilessly sunny skies overhead, and most rider hitting their mid-season stride, all the elements were in place for some tight racing.

In the first 65cc race, Dillon Sprague lead, going hard into the first turn, but washed out. Penman was there to capitalize and was followed out of the turn by Joey Greig. Penman quickly stretched his lead over Logan Callahan, while a close dice for third would see the final order as Grieg, a recovering Sprague, and Joshua Anderson. In the second race, Penamn again jetted away, with Callahan in second. Greig ended up with a DNF, so the rest of the top five overall were Sprague (4-3), Brett Holland (6-4), and Anderson (5-5).

With the scenic Minnesota River Valley in the background, Brody Penman jumps through the dropped-first Girls class.
Photos courtesy of Mx Matt

The Premier riders were given a bit of a break because of the high 90s, high-humidity conditions, running eight laps, instead of the 10-12 they may have ran under more reasonable conditions. In the first race, moto one of 125cc A, John Dehn looked to have the holeshot, but went down in the first turn, taking quite a few of his competitors with him. Matt Woodtke lead the first few laps with fellow Yamaha pilot, James Carsten, in second, but the Dehns were coming. John and Bruce Dehn had got up from the first turn and were making their way to the front, with Jason Johnson moving forward also. Suddenly, Wodtke dropped back and John and Bruce were 1-2, where they would stay. Carsten held off Johnson for third with Charlie Wise working up to fifth.

In the second moto, John Dehn fought off Carsten for the holeshot. When they came back from the hills, it was Bruce in the lead, followed closely by Carsten and Randy Reierson. In one lap, John moved into second. He wasn’t able to put a dent in Bruce’s lead and that is how they would finish. A great dice for third was won by Reierson. Overall, it was Bruce (2-1), John (1-2), Wise (5-4), Johnson (4-5), and Carsten (3-6).

Jason Johnson rode hard both 125 A motos.

In the first moto of 250 A, Wise and Jason Doyle made hard contact on the short start straight, but both stayed up. John Dehn lead Bruce, and Robert Kohl out of the first turn and into the hills. John put a gap on Bruce, who in turn, comfortably lead the rest of the field. Doyle made it up to third, with Trevor Bakken and Wise next. Bruce and John ran 1-2 in moto two also, collecting the top two overall spots on their Caswell Kawasakis. Doyle (3-4), Kohl (7-3), and Bakken (4-6) followed.

The facility, Kato Cycle Club, is located in the scenic Minnesota River valley, approximately one-hour southwest of the Twin Cities. The property is owned by a club of the same name, who holds amateur, and occasionally national-level, hill climb events. The back section of the track, which begins shortly after the start, consists primarily of riding up and down long, steep hills with a few fast sweeper/straight-aways mixed in. After that, you jump down into the front part of the track. This is the only part of the track most spectators will see and has a more modern layout, including a rhythm section and a few tabletops and small fly-aways.

This is the second year that District 23 has run separate Women and Girls classes. The growth of the Girls class has been steady since the start, despite some decreases in overall participation. In their first moto, Tayva Strom got the holeshot and steadily pulled away. D23 Championship contender, Mikayla Quinn, held second the entire race, followed by Bailey Dupey, Samantha Sprague, and Makenzie Franklin. The story was much the same for the second moto as Strom and Quinn moved into position early. Behind them overall was Sprague (4-3), Dupey (3-5), and Franklin (5-4).

Tayva Strom doubles through the front rythym section

Penman won his second class in 85cc 7-11, taking the overall with a sweep over Holden Mock, Mario Eiden, Dane Rosenwinkel, and Girls class winner, Strom. Going against the green tide, Penman rode a KTM 65 and Suzuki 85 to his wins. Only three other riders were able to win two classes. Eric Espe took the overalls in the crowded 125 Jr and 125 B classes, Robert Kohl swept 25+ A and 30+ A, and Doug Danman won 25+ C and 30+ C.

Breaking an almost 25 year drought (yes, years), the normally unmentionable, Bob Chase, won a moto, although not by much. In the second race, he followed that up with something else that hadn’t happened for almost as long, a crash-related DNF. Biker and rider walked/rolled away, a little worse for wear, but repairable (Editor – except for maybe his ego).

50cc Oil Inj. 4-8:
1.Matthew Pelletier (KTM); 2.Alex Ingalls (COB); 3.Kyra Boaz (KTM); 4.Brody Boeckmann/king (KTM); 5.Peyton Downey (KTM);

50cc Multispeed 4-8:
1.Josh Boaz (KTM); 2.Peyton Downey (KTM); 3.Grace Eiden (KTM); 4.Seth Carpenter (KTM); 5.Haley Greig (KTM);

50cc Pre-Mix 4-6:
1.Michael Quinn (COB); 2.Austin Griffin (COB); 3.Toni Jahnz (PLN); 4.Kaleb Carmen (KTM);

50cc Pre-Mix 7-8:
1.Seth Fischer (COB); 2.Alex Ingalls (COB); 3.Kj Downey (KTM); 4.Matthew Pelletier (KTM); 5.Sterling Wold (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Mario Eiden (Suz); 2.Sam Wise (KTM); 3.Jake Langner (Suz); 4.Seth Fisher (Kaw); 5.Jacqueline Riess (Suz); 6.Katie Vanderwerf (Suz);

65cc 10-11:
1.Brody Penman (KTM); 2.Logan Callahan (Kaw); 3.Dillon Sprague (Kaw); 4.Bret Holland (KTM); 5.Joshua Anderson (Kaw); 6.Joey Greig (KTM);

85cc 7-11:
1.Brody Penman (Suz); 2.Holden Mock (Yam); 3.Mario Eiden (Suz); 4.Dane Rosenwinkel (Hon); 5.Tayva Strom (Suz); 6.Jake Langner (Kaw); 7.Marcus Dupey (Hon); 8.Austin Steinbeisser (Yam);

85cc 9-12:
1.Clarion Chapiewski (Suz); 2.Jake Burbach (Hon); 3.Blake Raskovich (KTM); 4.Keenan Strom (Suz); 5.Dylan Wolff (Suz); 6.Jacob Chmielewski (Hon); 7.Connor Cunningham (Kaw); 8.Nathyn Trenary (Hon);

85cc 12-15:
1.Dalton Carlson (Kaw); 2.Marshall Pilgram (Kaw); 3.Clarion Chapiewski (Suz); 4.Jeremy Juliot (Kaw); 5.Jake Burbach (Hon); 6.Keenan Strom (Suz); 7.Bradley Hetchler (Kaw); 8.Shane Rhode (KTM);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Dustin Carlson (Kaw); 2.Marshall Pilgram (Kaw); 3.Jake Burbach (Hon); 4.Jeremy Juliot (Kaw); 5.Kyle Ohnsorg (Hon); 6.Shane Rhode (KTM); 7.Blake Raskovich (KTM); 8.Jacob Chmielewski (Hon);

125 Jr. 12-15:
1.Eric Espe (Kaw); 2.Justin Regenscheid (Hon); 3.Trent Hinrichs (Hon); 4.Dalton Carlson (Kaw); 5.Jake Sorenson (Hon); 6.Collin Cassem (Hon); 7.Josh Lindgren (Suz); 8.William Doane (Yam);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Derek Hullett (Suz); 2.Jonathan Quinzon (Hon);

Girls 9-13:
1.Tayva Strom (Suz); 2.Mikayla Quinn (Yam); 3.Samantha Sprague (Kaw); 4.Bailey Dupey (Hon); 5.Makenzie Franklin (Suz); 6.Jacqueline Riess (Suz);

125 A:
1.Bruce Dehn (Kaw) 2.John Dehn (Kaw) 3.Charlie Wise (Hon); 4.Jason Johnson (Kaw); 5.James Carsten (Yam); 6.Randy Reierson (Kaw); 7.Matt Wodtke (Yam); 8.Nathan Rosso (Yam);

125 B:
1.Eric Espe (Kaw); 2.Justin Regenscheid (Hon); 3.Jeremy Hage (Yam); 4.Dustin Carlson (Kaw); 5.Trent Hinrichs (Hon); 6.Dan Greig (KTM); 7.Jake Sorenson (Hon); 8.Brandon Stewart (Kaw);

125 C:
1.Collin Cassem (Hon); 2.Zack Berg (Kaw); 3.Kyle Schmiesing (Hon); 4.Cody Slark (Hon); 5.Tyler Deike (Hon); 6.Derek Maxson (Yam); 7.Alex Gruidl (Yam); 8.Jason Rathmann (Yam);

250/Open A:
1.John Dehn (Kaw) 2.Bruce Dehn (Kaw) 3.Jason Doyle (Hon); 4.Robert Kohl (Yam); 5.Trevor Bakken (Suz); 6.Jeremy Girard (Yam); 7.Tim Schulz (Kaw); 8.Luke Routh (Kaw);

250/Open B:
1.Casey Profita (Kaw); 2.Jason Braun (Hon); 3.Adam Warehime (Hon); 4.Bryce Bernloehr (Suz); 5.John Reinhart (Hon); 6.Kevin Rodel (Hon); 7.William Doane (Yam); 8.Erik Loomis (Suz);

250/Open C:
1.Derek Maxson (KTM); 2.Christopher Mackenzie (Yam); 3.Steve Koep (Yam); 4.Juhl Jensen (Yam); 5.Alexander Linders (Hon); 6.Tony Deutsch (Yam); 7.Devin Ruprecht (Hon); 8.Corey Danberry (Hon);

16-24 A:
1.Jason Doyle (Hon); 2.Jeremy Girard (Yam); 3.Jason Johnson (Kaw); 4.Randy Reierson (Kaw); 5.Tim Schulz (Kaw);

16-24 B:
1.Jeremy Hage (Yam); 2.Adam Warehime (Hon); 3.Brandon Stewart (Kaw); 4.Brady Flatness (Hon); 5.Bryce Bernloehr (Suz); 6.Taylor Mickelson (Yam); 7.Joe Murphy (Yam); 8.Kristen Oja (KTM);

16-24 C:
1.Darrin Larson (Suz); 2.Tyler Deike (Hon); 3.Zack Berg (Kaw); 4.Bryce Werner (Hon); 5.Alex Gruidl (Yam); 6.Jason Rathmann (Yam); 7.Andrew Peterson (Hon); 8.Christopher Janzig (Yam);

25+ A:
1.Robert Kohl (Yam); 2.Luke Routh (Kaw); 3.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 4.Michael Little (Hon); 5.Mike Johnson (Kaw); 6.Shannon Bakken (Yam); 7.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 8.Joshua Lorenz (Yam);

25+ B:
1.Jason Braun (Hon); 2.Levi Mcmains (Kaw); 3.Jason Johnson (Kaw); 4.Jake Beissel (Hon); 5.Joe Crosby (Suz); 6.Nathan Arndt (Kaw); 7.Eric Bicknese (Kaw); 8.Trevor Arndt (Suz);

25+ C:
1.Doug Dammen (Hon); 2.Landon Carlson (Kaw); 3.Steve Koep (Yam); 4.William Wells (Yam); 5.Taylor Carlson (Yam); 6.Steve Bauman (Yam);

30+ A:
1.Robert Kohl (Yam); 2.Mike Johnson (Kaw); 3.Aaron Carlson (Yam); 4.Michael Little (Hon); 5.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 6.Joshua Lorenz (Yam); 7.Darwin Frideres (Hon); 8.Cory Ramsey (Hon);

30+ B:
1.Levi Mcmains (Kaw); 2.Paul Lemere (Yam); 3.Justin Van Denboom (Yam); 4.Eric Hehr (Suz); 5.Robert Rauner (Yam); 6.Michael Swanson (Yam); 7.Eric Bicknese (Kaw); 8.Jason Johnson (Kaw);

30+ C:
1.Doug Dammen (Hon); 2.Joel Young (Yam); 3.Jay Calkins (Hon); 4.Chris Loveless (Hon); 5.Joshua York (Hon); 6.Mike Vanhorn (Yam); 7.Kristopher Griese (Kaw); 8.William Wells (Yam);

40+ A:
1.Mike Carlson (Suz); 2.Alan Novotny (Hon); 3.Vincent Linders (Hon);

40+ B:
1.Paul Lemere (Yam); 2.Dan Deutsch (Yam); 3.Jeffrey Schreurs (Yam); 4.Bill Cunningham (Hon); 5.Derrick Boaz (Hon); 6.Micheal Shea (Hon);

40+ C:
1.Ted Simmons (Hon); 2.Jay Calkins (Hon); 3.Chris Loveless (Hon); 4.Steve Doane (Yam);

45+ A:
1.Alan Novotny (Hon); 2.Blair Schmidt (Hon); 3.Harold Gooch (Hon); 4.John Sunderman (Yam); 5.Jerry Schulze (Yam); 6.Dave Hencir (Hon);

1.Dan Deutsch (Yam); 2.Ted Simmons (Hon); 3.Steve Danelius (KTM); 4.David Mauser (Suz); 5.Barry Mckay (Kaw); 6.John Dahlen (Kaw); 7.Bob Chase (Hon);

1.Harold Gooch (Hon); 2.Jerry Schulze (Yam); 3.Jim Denevan (Hon); 4.Barry Mckay (Kaw);

1.Kristen Oja (KTM); 2.Jessica Hansen (Hon); 3.Bailey Dupey (Hon); 4.Makenzie Franklin (Suz);

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