Alex Martin Conquers Hills of Mankato

Mankato MX, June 26, 2005

Alex Martin made his visit to the Mankato motocross track worthwhile, winning four of six motos and taking overall wins in the Supermini and Schoolboy classes. Several other great performances highlighted what turned out to be a hot day of racing.

As is the theme for the 2005 District 23 motocross season, there was some heavy rain in the week leading up to the event, but a warm and sunny race day combined with some skillful track work by the Motokazie crew left the track a bit slick in spots early on, but quite tacky and rough by the end of the day. The temperatures climbed into the 90s for one of the first race days this year, testing the fitness of the 340 riders who entered to take on the challenge of the hills of Mankato.

In the first Supermini moto, Dustin Harguth grabbed the holeshot, but Martin was out front by the end of the first lap, closely followed by Harguth and Gatlin Norgren. Martin made a mistake on lap two dropping to third. Norgren then got by Harguth on the next lap, but Martin was on the charge, taking the lead on the last lap for the win. Norgren was a close second followed by Harguth, Shawn Kline, and Andrew Rutledge.

In the second moto, Norgen took the holeshot over Martin, but Martin was past early in the first lap and lead all the way. Norgren was a comfortable second over Rutledge and Harguth. Overall, it was Martin, Norgren, Harguth (3-4), Rutledge (5-3), and Robert Cripps (6-7).

Martin also won the Schoolboy class by taking the tie-breaking, second moto win over Charlie Wise. Martin was not able to pull of the triple. He won the first moto of 85cc 12-15, but 85cc 9-12 winner, Dalton Carlson, took the second moto win for the overall.

Alex Martin going for the Motokazie triple
Photo courtesy of Col's MotoSports

Some of younger riders were also cutting some impressive laps. In the first 65cc 10-11 race, Kyle Ohnsorg lead all the way, but Jeremy Juliot and Shane Rhode kept him in sight as they battled for second. A ways behind the top three, Dylan Wolff and Slater Peterson closely contested fourth. Thomas Bosek came through a double drop to take sixth on the track and first in the 65cc 7-9 class. With the pressure on for another win, Ohnsorg took the lead in the second turn of moto two and maintained a comfortable gap for the rest of the race. Juliot and Rhode again fought close behind for second with Rhode getting the position this time for second overall. Wolff had a much more comfortable gap over Peterson this race as they finished fourth and fifth in the moto and overall. Bosek came all the way through to fifth on the track, easily sweeping the 7-9 class.

The old school nature of the hilly back section always draw plenty of the more mature racers as well. In the first 30+ C moto, Justin Dokken was breaking the chains the bound him, as he grabbed the holeshot and lead early. John Metz moved up from a third place start to take the lead on the second lap and run away. Mark Cleppe came from way back to pip Dokken at the finish for second. They were followed by Chris Aliosio and Jeff Ryan. In the second moto, Dokken again took the early lead, but this time was still holding it as they entered the last lap. Metz finally broke free from his battle with Robert Westerhouse and was on Dokken’s back fender as they sped past the white flag. Metz made his move on a rough downhill for the moto and overall win. Following him in overall results was Dokken (3-2), Westerhouse (6-3), Aliosio (4-5), and Ryan (5-6).

John Metz (241) and Justin Dokken (576) battle for the second moto lead

Joining Martin and Carlson as double class winners were John Deotis in 250cc A and 16-24 A, Frank Jackson in 25+ A and 30+ A, and Christopher Plantz in Quad 250 B and Quad Open B.

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50cc Oil Inj. 4-6:
1.Cody Bali (KTM); 2.Kj Downey (KTM); 3.Cameron Ziegler (KTM); 4.Brandon Malean (KTM); 5.Colton Weber (Yam); 6.Harrison Gulick (KTM); 7.Frank Jackson (Yam); 8.Justin Malean ;

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8:
1.Hunter Pederson (KTM); 2.Joshua Anderson (COB); 3.Wyatt Salberg (KTM); 4.Sophia Johnson (KTM);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.John Neumann (COB);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Clayton Bonnicksen (KTM); 2.Jacob Paulson (KTM); 3.Nolan Heppner (Yam); 4.Blake Peterson (PLN); 5.William Dorrow (KTM); 6.Thomas Bosek (KTM); 7.Ben Aho (KTM); 8.Jacqueline Riess (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Thomas Bosek (Kaw); 2.Max Royalty (Kaw); 3.Trent Kubes (KTM); 4.William Dorow (KTM); 5.Dane Rosenwinkel (KTM);

65cc 10-11:
1.Kyle Ohnsorg (KTM); 2.Shane Rhode (KTM); 3.Jeremy Juliot (KTM); 4.Dylan Wolff (KTM); 5.Slater Peterson (Kaw); 6.Kali Wald (Kaw); 7.Alex Fuller (KTM);

85cc 7-11:
1.Jeremy Martin (Kaw); 2.Kurt Ohnsorg (Hon); 3.Tyler Beebe (Yam); 4.Cody Slark (Hon); 5.Shane Rhode (KTM); 6.Max Royalty (Kaw); 7.Reid Gerhardt (Kaw); 8.Tyler Doty (Yam);

85cc 9-12:
1.Dalton Carlson (Suz); 2.Jeremy Martin (Kaw); 3.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 4.Kurt Ohnsorg (Hon); 5.Collin Cassem (Hon); 6.Timmy Mccoy (Suz); 7.Sam Milbrandt (Kaw); 8.Sean Castle (Yam);

85cc 12-15:
1.Dalton Carlson (Suz); 2.Alex Martin (Kaw); 3.Dustin Carlson (Suz); 4.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 5.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 6.Cody Lackore (Yam); 7.Robert Cripps (Suz); 8.Collin Cassem (Hon);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Alex Martin (Kaw); 2.Gatlin Norgren (Suz); 3.Dustin Harguth (Kaw); 4.Andrew Rutledge (Hon); 5.Robert Cripps (Suz); 6.Tim Ophoven (Suz); 7.Cody Lackore (Yam); 8.Timmy Mccoy (Suz);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Alex Martin (Kaw); 2.Charlie Wise (Suz); 3.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 4.Gatlin Norgren (Suz); 5.Chad Schmidt (Kaw); 6.Justin Posusta (Yam); 7.Nick Claire (Hon); 8.Taylor Kotewa (Yam);

125 B:
1.Nick Claire (Hon); 2.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 3.Charlie Wise (Suz); 4.Jake Schmotter (Yam); 5.Tyler Larson (Yam); 6.Justin Mckinley (Yam); 7.Chad Schmidt (Kaw); 8.Justin Posusta (Yam);

125 C:
1.Ricky Benson (Suz); 2.Thomas Deike (Yam); 3.Justin Schroeder (Yam); 4.Collin Huggins (Yam); 5.Jeremy Hullett (Yam); 6.Eric Ahrendt (Hon); 7.Charlie Hickok (Yam); 8.Andy Schmotter (Yam);

250/Open A:
1.John Deotis (Yam); 2.Trevor Schuster (Hon); 3.Jed Oconnor (Hon);

250/Open B:
1.Chad Schmidt (Kaw); 2.Matt Foels (Hon); 3.Nick Oja (Yam); 4.Bradley Guetter (Hon); 5.Aaron Deer (KTM); 6.Matt Heise (Hon); 7.Nick Claire (Hon); 8.Jason Braun (Hon);

250/Open C:
1.Jason Anderson (Yam); 2.Patrick Young (Yam); 3.Charlie Hickok (Yam); 4.Kristofer Madison (Yam); 5.Kyle Anderson (Yam); 6.Trevor Arndt (Yam); 7.Jason Place (Hon); 8.Matt Buckentin (Kaw);

16/24 A:
1.John Deotis (Yam); 2.Trevor Schuster (Hon);

16/24 B:
1.Trevor Bakken (Hon); 2.Blake Lawrence (Suz); 3.Matt Foels (Hon); 4.Bradley Guetter (Hon); 5.Jake Schmotter (Yam); 6.Aaron Deer (KTM); 7.Jacob Karg (Yam); 8.James Carsten (Yam);

16/24 C:
1.Shea Lingle (Yam); 2.Patrick Young (Yam); 3.Ricky Benson (Suz); 4.Gabe Harrison (Yam); 5.Jim Slattery (Suz); 6.Matt Schmidt (Yam); 7.Dan Hansen (Yam); 8.Cameron Griese (Hon);

25+ A:
1.Frank Jackson (Yam); 2.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 3.Joshua Lorenz (Yam); 4.Chris Zurek (Hon); 5.Mike Johnson (KTM);

25+ B:
1.Adam Johnson (Suz); 2.Steven Riordan (Hon); 3.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 4.Anthony Lake (Hon); 5.Nathan Arndt (Yam); 6.Lang Jensen (Yam); 7.Ken Papa (Hon);

25+ C:
1.Josh Fischer (Yam); 2.Michael Janovsky (Yam); 3.Joe Crosby (Hon); 4.Jeff Ryan (Hon); 5.Timothy Boe (Yam); 6.Jason Anderson (Yam); 7.Joel Young (Yam); 8.Xx Xx ;

30+ A:
1.Frank Jackson (Yam); 2.David Spizman (Hon); 3.Chris Zurek (Hon); 4.Joshua Lorenz (Yam); 5.Mike Johnson (KTM);

30+ B:
1.Charles Kiland (Yam); 2.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 3.Anthony Lake (Hon); 4.Derrick Boaz (Hon); 5.Timothy Walker (Hon); 6.Kraig Boozier (Yam); 7.Steven Riordan (Hon); 8.Ken Papa (Hon);

30+ C:
1.John Metz (Yam); 2.Justin Dokken (Hon); 3.Robert Westerhouse (Hon); 4.Chris Aloisio (Yam); 5.Jeff Ryan (Hon); 6.Mark Cleppe (Suz); 7.Bryan Moller (Hon); 8.Stephen Stoker (Yam);

40+ A:
1.Scott Cripps (Yam); 2.David Spizman (Hon); 3.Donald Bonnickson (Kaw); 4.Mike Mineheine (Hon); 5.Charles Jondal (Hon); 6.Blair Schmidt (Hon); 7.Bob Chase (Yam);

40+ B:
1.Paul Dyck (Yam); 2.Brad Carter (Yam); 3.Jeff Coulson (Yam); 4.Bill Cunningham (Hon); 5.Jon Holtz (Kaw); 6.Derrick Boaz (Hon); 7.John Brand (Hon);

40+ C:
1.Michael Janovsky (Yam); 2.Robert Breu (Hon); 3.Richard Heppner (Yam); 4.Cory Wiltse (Yam); 5.Mark Cleppe (Suz); 6.Rick Taylor (Hon); 7.Dan Karg (Yam); 8.Duane Gunderson (KTM);

1.Jeff Coulson (Yam); 2.David Schmiesing (Hon); 3.Duane Gunderson (KTM); 4.Vince Zewers (Yam); 5.Mark Anderson (KTM); 6.John Schaefer (Kaw);

1.Kristen Oja (Yam); 2.Jessica Hansen (Yam); 3.Amanda Wald (Kaw); 4.Claire Cripps (Suz); 5.Kali Wald (Kaw);

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