Audette Beats the Crowd at Mankato Motocross

Mankato MX, July 18, 2004

Multi-time District 23 champion, Gannon Audette, made his first trip of the year to Mankato a successful one, easily running up front in the 85cc 7-11 and 85cc 9-12 classes. With long overdue beautiful weather, nearly 600 riders packed into the hilly Kato Cycle club for the track’s last race of the season.

In the first 85cc 9-12 moto, 26 riders were going for the holeshot, but it was Audette coming out of the first turn in the lead. Taylor Kotewa kept him in sight before going down on the second lap. Audette pulled away from a five way battle for second. Derek Hom worked his way up to second at the flag, followed by Greg Mauser, Logan Marzahn, and Justin Regenscheid. In the second moto, Audette again got out to a great start and motored away. Kotewa made up for his first moto problems with a solid second. Following Audette in the overall tally was Hom (2-3), Marzahn (4-4), Nathan Thompson (6-5), and Regenscheid (5-6).

Gannon Audette jumps to a quick lead in the first 85cc 9-12 moto

Another rider to win two classes was Brett Ohland, who won 16-24 A and 250cc A. Only bike problems in the first 125cc A race halted a likely three class sweep. In the first 16-24 A moto, Ohland grabbed the holeshot over Brian Hagedorn, Brandon Haas, and Joe Mueller. Ohland checked out as Mueller made his way into second early and stayed there. Scott Ehlenfeldt worked his way up to third followed by Hagedorn, and Haas. In the second moto, Ohland again took the lead at the start and jetted away. Ehlenfeldt was a solid second for the moto and overall. 125cc A winner, Mueller, worked his way up from a bad start for fourth in the moto, third overall. First year A rider, Haas, was next with a 5-3 score, followed by Hagerdorn’s 4-6.

No one was able to win three classes. The other riders to win two classes were Randy “Fish house” DiBartolo in the 85cc 12-15 and Super-Mini, Bruce Dehn in Schoolboy and 125cc B, and Kirk Brown in 40+ B and 45+ B/C.

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50cc Oil Inj. 4-6:
1.Grant Hecht (KTM); 2.Cole Harrington (COB); 3.Jacqueline Riess (KTM); 4.Nicholas Haut (KTM); 5.Kj Downey (Yam);

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8:
1.Blake Benson (KTM); 2.Joshua Anderson (COB);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Jesse Solheid (COB); 2.Henry Miller ; 3.Justin Evans (KTM); 4.Nick Nick Schnagl (KTM); 5.Tayva Strom (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Sawyer Brownlee (KTM); 2.Brody Penman (KTM); 3.Lucas Hegna (Yam); 4.Logan Hegna (KTM); 5.Tyler Gast (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Kyle Ohnsorg (KTM); 2.Tracen Vail (KTM); 3.Riley Paulus (Kaw); 4.Dylan Olson (KTM); 5.Joshua Swenson (Suz); 6.Brady Rhode (KTM); 7.Travis Stewart (Suz); 8.Sawyer Brownlee (KTM);

65cc 10-11:
1.Marshall Pilgram (KTM); 2.Zack Osowski (KTM); 3.Sean Castle (Kaw); 4.Alec Scofield (Kaw); 5.Slater Peterson (Kaw); 6.Austin Falkman (Suz); 7.Dustin Wolff (KTM); 8.Noah Schlee (Kaw);

85cc 7-11:
1.Gannon Audette (Kaw); 2.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 3.Sam Milbrandt (Kaw); 4.Marshall Pilgram (KTM); 5.Collin Cassem (Hon); 6.Kurt Ohnsorg (Hon); 7.Dustin Wolff (KTM); 8.Timmy Mccoy (Suz);

85cc 9-12:
1.Gannon Audette (Kaw); 2.Derek Hom (Hon); 3.Logan Marzahn (Hon); 4.Nathan Thompson (Suz); 5.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 6.Greg Mauser (Suz); 7.Jake Sorensen (Suz); 8.Timmy Mccoy (Suz);

85cc 12-15:
1.Randy Dibartolo (Yam); 2.Alex Ettesvold (Hon); 3.Jesse Kangas (Hon); 4.Tony Demarais (Suz); 5.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 6.Taylor Kotewa (Yam); 7.Logan Marzahn (Hon); 8.Isaac Schreurs (Yam);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Randy Dibartolo (Yam); 2.Jesse Kangas (Hon); 3.Alex Ettesvold (Hon); 4.Tony Demarais (Suz); 5.Cory Vandal (Suz); 6.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 7.Isaac Schreurs (Yam); 8.Donny Ehlenfaldt (Suz);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.Matt Wodtke (Suz); 3.Randy Dibartolo (Yam); 4.Nicholas Jackson (Yam); 5.Trevor Bakken (Hon); 6.Nick Oja (Yam); 7.Zack Ehmke (Hon); 8.Justin Posusta (Yam);

125 A:
1.Joe Mueller (Hon); 2.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM); 3.Brandon Haas (Yam); 4.Brandon Hagedorn (Yam); 5.Justin Delaware (Hon); 6.Tony Ahlers (Hon); 7.Craig Radle (Kaw); 8.Mike Haseltine (Yam);

125 B:
1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.Nicholas Jackson (Yam); 3.Cole D. Langer (Yam); 4.Ryan Tulgren (Yam); 5.Adam Johnson (Suz); 6.Jeremy Barrett (Yam); 7.Nicholas Betcher (Yam); 8.Justin Mckinley (Yam);

125 C:
1.Zack Ehmke (Hon); 2.Derek Garner (Yam); 3.Beau Lammers (Yam); 4.Bret Jhenke (Yam); 5.Ricky Benson (Kaw); 6.Kyle Koeberl (Yam); 7.Travis Graif (Yam); 8.Nick Oja (Yam);

250/Open A:
1.Brett Ohland (Yam); 2.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM); 3.Justin Delaware (Hon); 4.Erik Padelford (Hon); 5.Matt Blaiser (Yam); 6.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 7.Chris Weisbrod (Suz); 8.Dan Willis (Yam);

250/Open B:
1.Matt Wodtke (Suz); 2.Matthew Boe (Yam); 3.Nicholas Jackson (Yam); 4.Micheal Crotty (Hon); 5.Bland Bohannon (Hon); 6.Tyler Zelazny (Suz); 7.Brenan Clark (Hon); 8.Andrew Willis (Yam);

250/Open C:
1.Mike Herman (Suz); 2.Steven Hanks (Yam); 3.Jay Slattery (Hon); 4.Jason Vaith (Suz); 5.John Reinhart (Hon); 6.David Malterer (Yam); 7.Dale Braulick (Yam); 8.Kristofer Madison (Yam);

16/24 A:
1.Brett Ohland (Yam); 2.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM); 3.Joe Mueller (Hon); 4.Brandon Haas (Yam); 5.Brandon Hagedorn (Yam); 6.Tony Ahlers (Hon); 7.Mike Haseltine (Yam); 8.Tristan Lundberg (KTM);

16/24 B:
1.Clay Nelson (Yam); 2.Matthew Boe (Yam); 3.Cole D. Langer (Yam); 4.Micheal Crotty (Hon); 5.Jeremy Barrett (Yam); 6.Brandon Korin (Yam); 7.Nathan Franse (Yam); 8.Tristan Callahan (Yam);

16/24 C:
1.Travis Graif (Yam); 2.Derek Garner (Yam); 3.Samuel Fattig (Hon); 4.Mike Herman (Suz); 5.Jacob Coulson (Yam); 6.Scott King (Yam); 7.Andrew Lauzon (Hon); 8.Jacob Duehn (Yam);

25+ A:
1.Chad Sparks (Yam); 2.Matt Blaiser (Yam); 3.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 4.Erik Padelford (Hon); 5.Mike Johnson (Hon); 6.Aaron Carlson (Yam); 7.Chris Weisbrod (Suz); 8.Robert Kohl (Yam);

25+ B:
1.Mitchell Koebnick (Hon); 2.Levi Mcmains (Kaw); 3.Jeremy Tholen (Yam); 4.Phillip Haas (Suz); 5.Paul Dyck (Yam); 6.Jason Aaomdt (Hon); 7.Paul Lemere (Yam); 8.Clayton Manthe (Hon);

25+ C:
1.Justin Van Denboom (Yam); 2.Christopher Selchow (Yam); 3.Kevin Bronson (Hon); 4.Justin Mihlek (Yam); 5.Steven Rierdan (Yam); 6.Scott Sorenson (Yam); 7.Josh Robinson (Hon); 8.Nathan Arndt (Yam);

30+ A:
1.Jeff Bell (Hon); 2.Tim Bernloehr (Suz); 3.Robert Kohl (Yam); 4.Timothy Callahan (Suz); 5.Chris Zurek (Hon); 6.Chris Weisbrod (Suz); 7.Joshua Lorenz (Yam); 8.Mike Johnson (Hon);

30+ B:
1.Jim Watts (Hon); 2.Paul Dyck (Yam); 3.Troy Johnson (Hon); 4.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 5.Robert Rauner (Yam); 6.Jason Aaomdt (Hon); 7.Clayton Manthe (Hon); 8.Lawrence Hamm (Hon);

30+ C:
1.Steven Rierdan (Yam); 2.Christopher Selchow (Yam); 3.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 4.Stephen Pederson (Kaw); 5.Scott Sorenson (Yam); 6.Dale Braulick (Yam); 7.Greg Lamont (Hon); 8.Thomas Lundquist (Suz);

40+ A:
1.Scott Cripps (Yam); 2.Timothy Callahan (Suz); 3.Ray Osowski (KTM); 4.Lonny Brown (Hon); 5.Mike Mineheine (Hon); 6.Jerry Schulze (Yam); 7.Jeff Haas (KTM); 8.Bob Chase (Yam);

40+ B:
1.Kirk Brown (Hon); 2.Jon Holtz (Yam); 3.Michael Voegele (Yam); 4.Lee Arntz (Yam); 5.Robert Buck (Yam); 6.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 7.Brent Weichelt (Yam); 8.Jeff Coulson (Yam);

40+ C:
1.Gaylord Pahl (Hon); 2.Cory Wiltse (Yam); 3.Jeffrey Schreurs (Kaw); 4.David Olson (Yam); 5.Russell Gerlich (Yam); 6.Scott Ringler (Hon); 7.John Larson (Kaw); 8.Thomas Lauzon (Hon);

45+ A:
1.Lonny Brown (Hon); 2.Jim Olson (Yam); 3.Jerry Schulze (Yam); 4.Dave Hencir (Hon);

45+ B/C:
1.Kirk Brown (Hon); 2.Lynn Meyer (Yam); 3.John Dahlen (Kaw); 4.Thomas Wilson (Yam); 5.Robert Breu (Hon); 6.Duane Gunderson (Hon); 7.John Schaefer (Kaw); 8.Mark Anderson ;

1.Lynn Meyer (Yam); 2.Tim Loomis (Suz);

1.Tiffany Rumpca (Yam); 2.Kristen Oja (Yam); 3.Alyssa Breu (Hon); 4.Jessica Hadler (Kaw); 5.Amy Groth (Yam); 6.Jessica Hansen (Yam); 7.Allison Larson (Kaw); 8.Karnie Wessling (Hon);

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