A Dungey Invasion at the Jordan Supercross

Jordan, MN SX, July 08, 2005

The Dungey clan rolled into the Scott County Fairgrounds and proceeded to put their stable of Suzukis into the winner’s circle six times. Blake won the 65cc 10-11, 85cc 7-11, and the Open 80-105cc classes, Ryan rode to wins in the 125 B and 15-29 class, and Jade took the Pro class victory after leader, Brett Ohland, crashed out. With a bike and merchandise being given away to the riders, and over 200 entries providing great racing action for the fans, there was plenty of excitement for everyone.

The premier class of the evening was the Pro class. Going into the event, Ohland had won every 2005 Jordan Pro race that he had entered. That trend looked to continue as he lead every bit of the heat race. Jade Dungey kept him in sight, but was not close to enough to challenge. Behind them, Jeff and Jason Doyle had a brotherly feud for third, with Jeff getting the position.

In the Pro main, Ohland got out front and pulled an immediate gap. Jeff Doyle was in second early, as Dungey was coming through from a mid-pack start. It all went wrong for Ohland on lap four when he went down hard in the whoop section. He eventually walked off under his own power, but his race was over. Dungey was there to take the lead and hold it to the checkers. Jeff Doyle closed up towards the end, but not enough. Jason Doyle was a comfortable third in front of Tim Schulz and Eddie Gregory.

Jade Dungey adjusts his gear mid-flight.

The Minnesota Supercross Series originated with events at this facility, but has since grown to a circuit that includes stops in Iowa, Wisconsin, and throughout Minnesota. Since the Jordan track can be left up all summer, Motokazie has built a much larger track than what would typically be done at a one or two day County Fair event. Despite the length of the track, nearly all of it is still visible from the grandstands.

Ryan Dungey’s night started off in the 125 B heat. In what would become his pattern for the evening, he grabbed the holeshot and ran away with the race, winning the heat by 11 seconds. Tyler Buckles was comfortably in second with Matt Wodtke and Ryan Orres next. Dungey seemed to pick up the pace even more in the Main, winning by over 20 seconds. Buckles had a good gap on the battle for third that saw Orres come out on top over Woodtke and Travis Chevalier.

Dungey continued his domination in the 15-29 class. Avoiding the first turn pile-up in the heat, he pulled a six second lead in the first third of a lap and continued to pull away. Justin King, Matt Gamble, and Chevalier were next to the checkered. The main was another Dungey runaway. Jacob Karg came back from his heat race problems to finish a strong second. He was followed by Orres, King, and Gamble.

The first turn was as close as anyone got to Ryan Dungey

The intermission included the inherently comical Pit Bike race and a drawing for a KLX110. Cortney Slark walked away the happy winner of the bike while many other people enjoyed the $1000 worth of gear that Cities Edge also gave away.

The youngest Dungey, Blake, won all six races he entered. Kyle Ohnsorg stayed close in the 65cc 10-11 class heat and final, but Dungey took both wins. On the 85cc 7-11 races, Dan Greig hounded him in the heat and main, as they pulled away from the pack for their own private battles. Once again, Dungey was able to hold off the KTM challenge. Going against older riders in the Open 80-105cc class, Dungey was the class of the field. Grieg was challenging in the Main until problems ended his race.

Blake Dungey (354) and Dan Grieg were this close most of the night.

The only other double class winner was Taylor Witt in the 50cc Chain and 65cc 7-9 classes.

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50cc Oil Inj.:
1.Matt Tupy (COB); 2.Cooper Ambrose (KTM); 3.Jacqueline Riess (KTM); 4.Jake Arneson (KTM); 5.Joshua Anderson (COB); 6.Kyle Graf (KTM); 7.Spencer Sullivan (KTM); 8.Alex Ingalls (KTM);

50cc Chain:
1.Taylor Witt (KTM); 2.Joey Greig (KTM); 3.Blake Peterson (PLN); 4.Matt Tupy (COB); 5.Lee Sullivan (COB); 6.Nathan Holm (KTM); 7.Jacqueline Riess (KTM); 8.Alex Ingalls (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Taylor Witt (KTM); 2.Sammy Quiring (Kaw); 3.Zach Bell (KTM); 4.Dane Rosenwinkel (KTM); 5.Wyatt Stoen (KTM); 6.Trenton Kubes (KTM); 7.Tim Kerber (KTM); 8.Matthew Huinker (Kaw);

65cc 10-11:
1.Blake Dungey (Suz); 2.Kyle Ohnsorg (KTM); 3.Blake Raskovich (KTM); 4.Mike Will (KTM); 5.Reid Gerhardt (Hon); 6.Trey Fitzke (Kaw); 7.Slater Peterson (Kaw);

85cc 7-11:
1.Blake Dungey (Suz); 2.Dan Greig (KTM); 3.Nate Stier (Yam); 4.Kyle Ohnsorg (Hon); 5.Cody Slark (Hon); 6.Blake Raskovich (Suz); 7.Mike Will (KTM); 8.Reid Gerhardt (Hon);

85cc 12-15:
1.Calvin Knoll (Hon); 2.Fred Schmidt (Hon); 3.Cody Lackoe (Yam); 4.Jake Struzyk (KTM); 5.Cody Slark (Hon); 6.Dustin Overby (Yam); 7.Damon Barnick (Hon); 8.Matt Murphy (Yam);

Open 80cc-105cc:
1.Blake Dungey (Suz); 2.Fred Schmidt (Hon); 3.Calvin Knoll (Hon); 4.Jake Struzyk (KTM); 5.Duke Markham (Kaw); 6.Dustin Overby (Yam); 7.Dylan Culver (Suz); 8.Damon Barnick (Hon);

125 B:
1.Ryan Dungey (Suz); 2.Tyler Buckles (Hon); 3.Ryan Orres (Hon); 4.Matt Wodtke (Suz); 5.Travis Chevalier (Kaw); 6.Justin King (Hon); 7.Andrew Shaw (Kaw); 8.Joe Murphy (Yam);

125 C:
1.Shea Lingle (Hon); 2.Matt Schmidt (Yam); 3.Brandon Kunimun (Hon); 4.Nate Nordmeyer (Hon); 5.Bobby Johnson (Suz); 6.Austin Vig (Yam); 7.Matt Cardinal (Hon); 8.Jeremy Hage (Yam);

250 B:
1.Tyler Buckles (Hon); 2.Jacob Karg (Yam); 3.Jason Braun (Hon); 4.Scott Zewers (Hon); 5.Jeff Kline (Yam); 6.Anthony Lake (Hon); 7.David Ludowese (Yam);

250 C:
1.Jason Anderson (Yam); 2.Wes Blankensh (Hon); 3.Jason Place (Hon); 4.Caleb Bolton (Yam); 5.John Hollerud (Hon); 6.Jon Krog (Hon);

15-29 OPEN:
1.Ryan Dungey (Suz); 2.Jacob Karg (Yam); 3.Ryan Orres (Hon); 4.Matt Gamble (Yam); 5.Justin King (Hon); 6.Matt Schmidt (Yam); 7.Jason Anderson (Yam); 8.Matt Cardinal (Hon);

Vet +30:
1.Todd Lentz (Yam); 2.Paul Lemere (Hon); 3.James Culver (Hon); 4.Todd Puckett (Yam); 5.Anthony Lake (Hon); 6.Matt Olund (Hon); 7.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 8.Dean Meyer (Kaw);

1.Jessica Hansen (Suz); 2.Stacy Gildae (Suz);

1.Jade Dungey (Suz); 2.Jeff Doyle (Hon); 3.Jason Doyle (Hon); 4.Tim Schulz (Hon); 5.Eddie Gregory (Yam); 6.Dan Riley (Yam);

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