Jendro goes from last to first, splits Premier wins with Ledin

Grantsburg MX, April 22, 2007

The District 23 Premier Series continued, with round two taking place at the sand of Grantsburg Motocross Park. Besides the two Premier classes, 125cc A (just say No to the name Lites) and 250cc A, the full slate of D23 classes also ran, with the Vet classes featuring many former pros and large turn-outs in the 125 B and 125 C classes.

Storms moved in Saturday morning and into the early afternoon, delaying the start of the practice slightly, but the extra moisture Mother Nature provided helped make conditions ideal by race day. The rain threatened on Sunday for quite a while, then finally delivered, about a third of the way through the second set of motos.

The first Premier moto of the day, the 125 class, didnít start too well for defending Triple-Crown champion, Scott Jendro. Scooter did a face plant in the first turn and got underway well in last place. Jamie Ledin was out front early, but recent Arenacross Lites podium finisher, Bruce Dehn, took what looked like an insurmountable lead. As the 12-lap race wore on, Jendro continued to move forward, despite two more falls. Then Dehn went down and missed several laps, giving Ledin the lead back. Jendro kept it on two wheels and moved past Ledin, pulling a bit of gap by the finish. Ledin hung on for second, followed by Thomas Miller, Kyle Dehn, and Nathan Rosso.

Jendro gets a close-up look at the first turn, but recovered to win the moto
photo courtesty of Larry Aldrich

In the second race, Dehn and Jendro pulled away early, but then Jendro went down again, this time unable to get the bike started right away, kicking for nearly an entire lap before getting back going. Dehn rode uncontested out front, with Ledin riding a steady race for second. Ledinís 2-2 score was good enough for the overall win, followed by Miller (3-3), Jendro (1-5), Dehn (8-1), and Ryan Enerson (7-4).

Former Millville national qualifiers, Lee Erickson and Jason Kempel, thought that 12 lap races for the same entry fee was a good deal, so they signed up to do battle with the ďkidsĒ in the 250 class. As the pack thundered out of the first turn, it was again Dehn and Jendro out front. Dehn kept the pressure on Jendro for a while, but eventually dropped back. The two lapped the rest of the field. Kempel worked his way up from a bad start for third, followed by Kyle Jones, and another Vet rider, Robert Kohl.

It had been raining quite for a while by the time the second moto got underway, with Jendro and Dehn getting up front early once again and pulling away from the rest of the field. This time, Jendro pulled a gap right away and ran away with it. Dehn was alone in second, the pair not quite lapping everyone this time. Jones was a comfortable third. Overall, it was Jendro (1-1), Dehn (2-2), Jones (4-3), Enerson (6-4), and James Easler (7-6).

Jendro (302), Kempel (61), and Kohl (47) lead the 250cc A pack out of the first turn in moto one

For the second race in a row, there was a new section of track added. An effort is being made by the promoting, Straight Arrow Enduro Riders, to replace some of the more dug-in, ground up, parts of the track and move them onto fresh soil. Thereís no getting away from the sand, but the new areas seem to be bit more coarse, with the whoops and berms both forming a bit differently than the more powdery sections.

Besides Kempel and Erickson, the Vet A classes also included a rare appearance by another former pro and multi-time D23 champion, Bruce Gates. In the first 25+ A race, Gates took a few laps to make up for a mid-pack start, but once in the lead, pulled away. Kempel was next followed by Erickson, Frank Jackson, and Charlie Forrest. The second race saw another Gates runaway, as he wasted no time getting out front, taking the overall with a two-moto sweep. Kempel (2-2) was next, followed by Erickson (3-3), Forrest (5-5) and Sheldon Fratzke (7-4).

The story looked to be the same in the 30+ class as Gates, Kempel, and Erickson lead home Pat McNamara and Kohl in the first race. In the second moto, late in the order and on a very wet track, Gates ran into trouble on lap one and Erickson decided he had enough fun for one day and didnít start. Kempel lead nearly all the way, taking the overall with a 2-1 score. Next was McNamara (4-2), Ray Schlegel (8-4), Kohl (5-7), and Matt Blaiser (7-6).

Overall 125 A winner, Jamie Ledin, makes his own line through the reshaped, bottomless-sand berm

There was quite a variety in the degree of preparedness of the riders. Those that stuck to their training programs or rode indoors or down south were much more likely to finish up front. Those that didnít, lazy writers who rode twice in the last 11 months for example, were more likely to be the ones looking for oxygen at the end of the race. As one rider put it, ďIf you or your bike arenít quite ready, this track will let you know in a hurry.Ē

It was a tough day to win both classes as the only other riders to do it were Jendro, who also won 16-24 A, Alex Peper, taking two of the biggest classes of the day, 125 B and 16-24 B, and Brandon Riehm, sweeping 85cc 9-12 and 85cc 12-15.

50cc Oil Inj. 4-8:
1.James Ebert (KTM); 2.Pierce Knight (KTM); 3.Alyssa Steinke (KTM); 4.Jeret Corty (KTM); 5.Nickolas Engler (Yam); 6.Ella Bohnen (Yam); 7.Josh Fedder (KTM);

50cc Multispeed 4-8:
1.Justin Lawry (Hon); 2.Dalton Cillman (Hon); 3.Tallon Parent (Yam);

50cc Pre-Mix 4-6:
1.Bailey Kroone (COB); 2.Pierce Knight (KTM); 3.Travis Frias (KTM); 4.Josh Fedder (KTM);

50cc Pre-Mix 7-8:
1.Grant Hecht (Pls); 2.Garrett Strong (KTM); 3.James Ebert (KTM); 4.Tyler Cranston (KTM); 5.Travis Frias (KTM); 6.Noah Mcpherson (KTM); 7.Ryder Hanninen (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Liam Strong (KTM); 2.Jeremiah Lindberg (KTM); 3.Antonio Burton (Kaw);

65cc 10-11:
1.Eric Anderson (KTM); 2.Sam Kemp (Kaw); 3.Matthew Mausolf (Kaw);

85cc 7-11:
1.Devin Donaho (Yam); 2.Clifford Benjamin (Suz); 3.Shayana Wilson (Yam); 4.Daniel Cranston (Kaw); 5.Mark Stoner (Suz);

85cc 9-12:
1.Brandon Riehm (Yam); 2.Clarion Chapiewski (Suz); 3.Zachary Bromenschenkel (Kaw); 4.Tanner Anderson (Yam); 5.Zachary Trout (Suz); 6.Clifford Benjamin (Suz); 7.Tony Wacek (Suz); 8.Mark Stoner (Suz);

85cc 12-15:
1.Brandon Riehm (Yam); 2.Tyler Allen (Hon); 3.Clarion Chapiewski (Suz); 4.Aaron Thomas (Suz); 5.Shane Rhode (KTM); 6.Zack Osowski (KTM); 7.Zachary Trout (Suz); 8.Matthew Wacek (Suz);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Tyler Allen (Hon); 2.Zachary Bromenschenkel (Kaw); 3.Shane Rhode (KTM); 4.Zack Osowski (KTM); 5.Marissa Polencheck (KTM); 6.Blake Buckley (Hon); 7.Zachary Trout (Suz);

125 Junior 12-15:
1.Jared Blaser (Suz); 2.Michael Riehm (Hon); 3.Garrett Nelson (Yam); 4.Jeremy Ledin (Suz); 5.Zachary Shermer (Suz);

1.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 2.Jacob Larson (Yam); 3.Michael Slagel (Suz);

Girls 9-13:
1.Cassie Holcomb (Suz); 2.Marissa Polencheck (KTM); 3.Shayana Wilson (Yam);

125 A:
1.Jamie Ledin (Suz); 2.Thomas Miller (Hon); 3.Scott Jendro (Hon); 4.Bruce Dehn (Kaw); 5.Ryan Enerson (Hon); 6.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 7.Kyle Dehn (Kaw); 8.Jason Johnson (Kaw);

125 B:
1.Alex Peper (Yam); 2.Brent Molitor (Hon); 3.Garrett Nelson (Yam); 4.Michael Kikrot (Hon); 5.Trent Herold (Kaw); 6.Chas Kadlec (Yam); 7.Weston Lind (Hon); 8.Korey Beach (Yam);

125 C:
1.Michael Riehm (Hon); 2.Jeremy Ledin (Suz); 3.Ben Waldon (Kaw); 4.Zachary Shermer (Suz); 5.Josh Lekson (Yam); 6.Shane Marsyla (Yam); 7.Jake Yahrmatt (Hon); 8.Kohlmen Hudak (Yam);

250/Open A:
1.Scott Jendro (Hon) 2.Bruce Dehn (Kaw); 3.Kyle Jones (Hon); 4.Ryan Enerson (Hon); 5.James Easler (Yam); 6.Robert Kohl (Yam); 7.Sheldon Fratzke (Suz); 8.Jamie Ledin (Suz);

250/Open B:
1.Cody Stadin (Yam); 2.Matt Bristow (Kaw); 3.Cody Breitbach (Kaw); 4.Benjamin Kleven (Yam); 5.Cory Olson (Hon); 6.Jamie Koch (Yam); 7.Jeff Stalberger (Hon); 8.Jeff Goranson ;

250/Open C:
1.Shane Marsyla (Yam); 2.Chad Noaeill (Hon); 3.Justin Wilhelm (Hon); 4.Michael Nesbit (Hon); 5.Alec Marten (Yam);

16/24 A:
1.Scott Jendro (Hon); 2.James Easler (Yam); 3.Thomas Miller (Hon); 4.Dana Yacuk (Yam);

16/24 B:
1.Alex Peper (Yam); 2.Korey Beach (Yam); 3.Brent Molitor (Hon); 4.Mac Rivard (Kaw); 5.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 6.Cody Stadin (Yam); 7.Cody Breitbach (Kaw); 8.Michael Kikrot (Hon);

16/24 C:
1.Jay Stevens (KTM); 2.Justin Jelsing (Yam); 3.Robert Weidema (Hon); 4.Travis Sutherland (Hon); 5.Chris Janzig (Yam); 6.Nathan Huskamp (Yam); 7.Jacob Wilhelm (Suz); 8.Jake Dupont (Yam);

25 Plus A:
1.Bruce Gates (Yam) 2.Jason Kempel (Yam) 3.Lee Erickson (Yam) 4.Charles Forrest (Hon); 5.Sheldon Fratzke (Suz); 6.Josh Patzoldt (Yam); 7.Matt Blaiser ; 8.Robert Kohl (Yam);

25 Plus B:
1.Taylor Curry (Hon); 2.Jamie Koch (Yam); 3.Jim Bougalis (Yam); 4.Jeff Stalberger (Hon); 5.Kris Sega (Hon); 6.Travis Butterfield (Hon); 7.Kyle Curry (Yam); 8.Rob Murphy (Hon);

25 Plus C:
1.Keith Johnson (Kaw); 2.Jacob Frokjer (Yam); 3.Tony Braun (Yam); 4.Andy Sloth (Yam); 5.Joe Jaroscak (Yam); 6.Jerry Slattery (Yam); 7.Charlie Jungwirth (Yam); 8.Tyler Jacobson (Yam);

Vet A :
1.Jason Kempel (Yam); 2.Patrick Mcnamara (Hon); 3.Ray Schlegel (Kaw); 4.Robert Kohl (Yam); 5.Matt Blaiser ; 6.Ron Fratzke (Yam); 7.Ross Thompson (Kaw); 8.Bruce Gates (Yam);

Vet B :
1.David Lawry (Kaw); 2.Jim Bougalis (Yam); 3.Rob Murphy (Hon); 4.Richard Blaser (Hon); 5.Jeremy Erspamer (Hon); 6.Warren Hanninen ; 7.Chad Larson ; 8.Shane Wilson (Yam);

Vet C :
1.Doug Foster (Yam); 2.Jonathon Nord (Yam); 3.Justin Niska (Yam); 4.Tony Braun (Yam);

Senior A :
1.Craig Janzig (Hon); 2.Kevin Schlegel (Kaw); 3.Tom Peterson (Yam); 4.Mike Mineheine (Hon); 5.Lee Arntz (Hon);

Senior B :
1.Richard Blaser (Hon); 2.Mark Brunsberg (Hon); 3.Robert Weyenberg (Hon); 4.Bob Housh (Yam);

Senior C :
1.Robert Phelps (Yam); 2.Rob Engler (Hon); 3.Jim Stadin (Yam); 4.Chris Loveless (Hon); 5.Mark Speldrick (Kaw);

45+ A:
1.Ray Osowski (KTM); 2.Mike Mineheine (Hon); 3.Lee Arntz (Hon);

1.Tim Kight (Hon); 2.Patrick Duffy (Yam); 3.Bob Chase (Hon); 4.Mark Speldrick (Kaw);

50 Plus:
1.Douglas Stacklie (Yam); 2.Patrick Duffy (Yam); 3.Tim Kight (Hon); 4.Danny Buckwalter (Yam); 5.Craig Cherrington (Hon);

1.Erin Laschinger (Hon); 2.Taylor Kraft (Yam); 3.Terri Slater (KTM);

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