Spizman rolls on at Grantsburg Motocross Opener

Grantsburg MX, April 10, 2005

Coming off a win in the opening round of the District 23 motocross season, Dave Spizman kept up his pace, scoring the overall win in the increasingly deep, 40+ A class. Grantsburg Motocross Park was the site of his latest win and the sandiest track on the circuit maintained its reputation as a place where victories are hard earned. Spizman, as well as many of the other overall winners, did not win both motos, but he did make the fewest mistakes.

The Straight Arrow Enduro Riders had the deep sand track groomed smooth for practice, but it didnít take long for that to change. There was a bit of drizzle first thing in the morning, but by the afternoon, it hovered around 70 degrees and stayed cloudy. Although the surface was a bit dry, there was a lot of moisture below, leaving the track tacky all day.

The 250cc A class was filled with sand riding talent and provided plenty of excitement for the fans. National qualifier, John Dehn, pulled away from Justin Thompson and looked to have the first moto in hand until falling in the Bottomless Sand Berm and taking a while to get going. Thompson took the win over Dehn, Lee Erickson, Rick Amautzio, and Jake Bostrom. There was not as much drama for the lead in the second moto. Dehn jumped out front early and put on another sand riding clinic. Bostrom eventually cleared away from Thompson for a comfortable second. Quite a ways back, there was a good battle for fourth with Erickson taking the postion over Amatuzio and Jason Doyle. Dehn second moto win sealed the overall over Thompson (1-3), Bostrom (5-2), Erickson (3-4), and Amatuzio (4-5).

Justin Thompson heads towards the new scoring chalet.

While the conditions helped make big, meaty berms, it also contributed to the some very deep whoops and holes. Riders quickly found out how well their winter conditioning program, or lack thereof, worked for them. There were a few close calls, but itís believed that, despite much speculation from the sidelines on the matter, no oneís tongue actually got caught in their spokes.

In the first 40+ A moto, Spizman took the lead early and tried to check out. Kevin Schlegel was a close second until falling midway through the race. Tom Peterson took the position with Don Bonniksen closing in third and Craig Janzig moving up to fourth after experiencing first lap problems. Bonniksen sampled the sand a few times, dropping back to sixth at the finish. Spizman hung on for the win over a fast closing Peterson. Janzig was next, followed by Schlegel and Brian Fischer. Spizman took the holeshot in moto two, but was passed by Janzig on the second lap. Bonniksen had the track dialed in this time, moving up from a poor start and into the lead by lap four. He held on for the moto win, followed by Janzig, Spizman, Schlegel, and Fisher. Spizman got the overall with a 1-3 score, beating out Janzig (3-2), Bonnicksen (6-1), Schlegel (4-4), and Peterson (2-6).

Janzig and Schlegel's battle through the Bottomless Sand Berm had the crowd on their feet.

Two riders who saw a lot of each other in the Youth classes were Alex Peper and Brandon Schlegel. Peper won both Supermini motos, but Schlegel took the second moto win and overall in the 85cc 12-15 class. Schlegel also raced to third overall in the Schoolboy class.

No one was able to win three classes, but a few were able to win two. Casey Fisher rode to second moto wins to get the overalls in the ultra-competitive 125cc B and 16-24 B classes, Alex Dolan won all four motos in 250cc C and 16-24 C, Randy Schlegel doubled up in 30+ C and 40+ C, and the veteran, Michael Rivard, rode to wins in Quad Open A and Quad Vet.

50cc Oil Inj. 4-6:
1.Dalton Lyons (COB); 2.Jake Madland (KTM); 3.Payton Ellefson (Yam); 4.Brandon Malean (COB); 5.Justin Malean (Yam); 6.Gavin Love (Yam);

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8:
1.Devyn Ellefson (KTM); 2.Jordan Mcgill (KTM); 3.Joshua Bohnen (KTM); 4.Nathan Schlegel (Yam); 5.Cody Luftman (KTM); 6.Andrew Harmon (Yam);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Jeremiah Vanderpoel (Hon);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Clayton Bonnicksen (KTM); 2.Alex Spizman (KTM); 3.Tyler Dolney (KTM); 4.Parker Hyde (KTM); 5.Zachery Sirerhas (KTM); 6.Jeremy Wesloh (KTM); 7.Brandon Maxey (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Blake Higgins (Suz); 2.Eric Anderson (KTM); 3.Spencer Varnado (Kaw); 4.Mark Stoner (Yam); 5.John Bohnen (Kaw); 6.Clifford Benjamin ;

65cc 10-11:
1.Cassie Holcomb (Kaw); 2.Chris Sundsvold (Suz); 3.David Fischer (Kaw);

85cc 7-11:
1.Eric Anderson (Suz); 2.Alec Scofield (Kaw); 3.David Fischer (Yam); 4.Shawn Reynolds (Suz);

85cc 9-12:
1.Matthew Brisbois ; 2.Tyler Allen (Yam); 3.Timmy Mccoy (Suz); 4.Damon Medek ; 5.Alec Scofield (Kaw);

85cc 12-15:
1.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 2.Alex Peper (Yam); 3.Zach Quigley (Yam); 4.Cody Stadin (Kaw); 5.Taylor Leuthner (Yam); 6.Nicholas Brackett (Hon); 7.Loren Beach (Yam); 8.Levi Klande (Yam);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Alex Peper (Yam); 2.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 3.Mac Rivard (Kaw); 4.Nicholas Brackett (Hon); 5.Timmy Mccoy (Suz); 6.Nate Nordmeyer (Hon); 7.Chad Kromrey (Hon); 8.Cody Stadin (Kaw);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 2.Keho Holcomb (Yam); 3.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 4.Isaac Schreurs (Yam); 5.Mac Rivard (Yam); 6.Aaron Barlow (KTM); 7.Adam Barlow (KTM); 8.Blaise Cichoski (Suz);

125 A:
1.Jesse Goskey (Hon); 2.Lee Erickson (Yam); 3.Boris Mahlich (Yam); 4.John Dehn (Yam); 5.Andrew Spofford (Suz); 6.Steven Lorr (Yam); 7.Jack Lorr (Yam); 8.James Lorr (Yam);

125 B:
1.Casey Fisher (Hon); 2.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 3.Michael Krot (Hon); 4.Phil Spruit (Hon); 5.Grant Guetschoff (Suz); 6.Cody Breitbach (Kaw); 7.Jeremy Houle (Yam); 8.Chas Kadlec (Yam);

125 C:
1.Blake Maul (Yam); 2.Dan Bailey (Yam); 3.Ben Simon (Yam); 4.Justin Collins (Kaw); 5.Luke Johnson (Yam); 6.Aaron Barlow (KTM); 7.Tanner Jones (Yam); 8.Michael Johnson (Yam);

250/Open A:
1.John Dehn (Yam); 2.Justin Thompson (Hon); 3.Jake Bostrom (Yam); 4.Lee Erickson (Yam); 5.Rick Amatuzio (Hon); 6.Jason Doyle (Hon); 7.Kyle Love (Hon); 8.Dan Holmes (KTM);

250/Open B:
1.Jeremy Schwietz (Yam); 2.Tyler Olson (Yam); 3.Chad Spofford (Suz); 4.Michael Odencrans (Yam); 5.Justin Drum (Yam); 6.Cody Breitbach (Kaw); 7.Ryan Nesbit (Yam); 8.Matt Gamble (Yam);

250/Open C:
1.Alex Dolan (Yam); 2.Craig Larson (Yam); 3.Mark Blood (Kaw); 4.Brian Erickson (Kaw); 5.Colby Edwards (Yam); 6.Andy Kukkala (Suz); 7.Justin Jelsing (Kaw); 8.Jacob Ruud (Suz);

16/24 A:
1.James Lorr (Yam); 2.Jason Doyle (Hon); 3.Steven Lorr (Yam); 4.Justin Thompson (Hon); 5.Ryan Stalberger (Hon); 6.Dan Holmes (KTM); 7.Billy Waldoch (Yam); 8.Jack Lorr (Yam);

16/24 B:
1.Casey Fisher (Hon); 2.Ryan Nesbit (Yam); 3.Matt Gamble (Yam); 4.Jeremy Schwietz (Yam); 5.Chas Kadlec (Yam); 6.Grant Guetschoff (Suz); 7.Jeremy Houle (Yam); 8.Brandon Lang (Suz);

16/24 C:
1.Alex Dolan (Yam); 2.Nathan Huskamp (Yam); 3.Blake Emanul (Yam); 4.Derek Elliot (Hon); 5.Colby Edwards (Yam); 6.Cody Gamble (Yam); 7.Zachary Ostenso (Hon); 8.Matt Hellman (Hon);

25+ A:
1.Josh Patzoldt (Yam); 2.Lee Erickson (Yam); 3.Kyle Love (Hon); 4.Bill Medek (Yam); 5.Boris Mahlich (Yam); 6.Rick Amatuzio (Hon); 7.Ray Schlegel (Yam); 8.Bernard Seleski (Yam);

25+ B:
1.Justin Drum (Yam); 2.Brenan Clark (Hon); 3.Travis Butterfield (Hon); 4.Nicolas Betcher (Yam); 5.Matt Trefz (Hon); 6.Jamie Koch (KTM);

25+ C:
1.Brian Erickson (Kaw); 2.Anthony Radloff (Hon); 3.Eric Gibson (Yam); 4.Caleb Nelson (Hon);

30+ A:
1.Bill Medek (Yam); 2.Patrick Mcnamara (Hon); 3.Ray Schlegel (Yam); 4.Donald Bonnickson (Kaw); 5.Craig Janzig (Hon); 6.David Spizman (Hon); 7.Bernard Seleski (Yam); 8.Ross Thompson (Kaw);

30+ B:
1.Rob Murphy (Hon); 2.Michael Mccarthy (Hon); 3.Travis Butterfield (Yam); 4.Randy Smith (Suz); 5.Matt Trefz (Hon); 6.Mike Anderson (Suz);

30+ C:
1.Randy Schlegel (Yam); 2.Calvin Bean (Yam); 3.Craig Schlegel (Hon); 4.Troy Nicol (Hon); 5.Eric Gibson (Yam); 6.Jim Stadin ; 7.Jeremy Belsheim (Kaw); 8.Anthony Radloff (Hon);

40+ A:
1.David Spizman (Hon); 2.Craig Janzig (Hon); 3.Donald Bonnickson (Kaw); 4.Kevin Schlegel (Hon); 5.Tom Peterson (Yam); 6.Brian Fisher (Hon); 7.Scott Trimble (Hon);

40+ B:
1.Mike Anderson (Suz); 2.Jerry Dillon (Yam); 3.Don Anderson (Suz); 4.Dan Pohl (Hon); 5.Scott Bauer (Yam); 6.Jeff Schreurs (Yam); 7.Patrick Duffy (Yam);

40+ C:
1.Randy Schlegel (Yam); 2.Dennis Bohnen (Suz);

45+ A:
1.Brian Fisher (Hon);

45+ B/C:
1.Jerry Dillon (Yam); 2.Don Anderson (Suz); 3.Patrick Duffy (Yam);

1.Kendi Tibboel (Yam); 2.Wendy Caswell (Suz); 3.Camille Cagle (Hon); 4.Jessica Kight (Hon);

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