DiBartolo Lands a Pair of Grantsburg Wins

Grantsburg MX, August 29, 2004

Youth rider, Randy DiBartolo, who has come back strong from an early season injury, showed that he can go fast on any surface, easily running out front in Super Mini and 85cc 12-15. Nearly 300 riders dared go to a sand track in August and were rewarded with tacky conditions and mild temps.

In the first Super Mini moto, DiBartolo immediately pulled away, putting over 20 seconds on the field by the end of the race. Behind him, a good dice for second ended with Eric Johnson getting the position over Brandon Schlegel and Alex Pepper. DiBartolo was out front all the way again in moto two despite the much rougher conditions. Schlegel beat Johnson in the moto for second overall. Pepper was again fourth.

Tom Peterson rode his new YZ 250 to the 40+ A win

The largest A class of the day was the 40 plus riders. In the first moto, Bill Engstrom held the lead until the white flag, but Kevin Schlegel and Tom Peterson stayed close. Then on the last lap, both Engstrom and Schlegel went down, allowing Peterson to take the win over Brian Fisher and Frank Barna. Schlegel and Engstrom recovered for fourth and fifth. In the second moto, Engstrom again lead early, with Schlegel, Peterson, and Fischer close. Schlegel got by on lap three and ran off with the win. Peterson also got by Engstrom, securing the overall win over Schlegel. Fisher ran strong in fourth until going down on the third lap. Barnaís consistent 3-4 landed him third overall.

This was the first time a summer race had been held at this track for a long time. Luckily, the unusually cool summer of 2004 continued, making it seem like another spring or fall race. Campers awoke to temperatures in the forties. Welcome to August in Northern Wisconsin. It quickly warmed up and other than about an hour of light rain in the afternoon, conditions were dry and mild. The moisture in the track held through out the day, which made for good traction and big berms, but also wheel swallowing holes.

One rider that made even a rough track look smooth was John Dehn, who has qualified for several 125cc Nationals this year. He was back home at Grantsburg, doing what he does best, winning the 125cc A and 250cc A classes. Dehn is the points leader in both of those classes in District 23 and looks to be the first rider in over 10 years to win both premier classes. His brothers also joined in on the fun, with Bruce Dehn winning both Schoolboy and 125cc B, and Kyle borrowing Johnís bike to win the 250cc B class.

Mark Brunsberg tries an unusual inside line.

In the combined 40+C / Womens's class, track knowledge seemed to be a key factor. Mark Brunsberg escaped his duties at the starting line long enough to win both motos of 40 Plus C. Meanwhile, lifelong club member, Jessica Kight, overcame several falls in both races to take the overall win in the Womenís class.

This was the final race of the year at this track. The Straight Arrows Enduro Riders plan to have races here again next year. Itís never too early to start practicing in the sand. One rider who got a lot of his practice on this day was ironman, Michael Rivard. He rode four classes in two different disciplines, winning three of them: Quad Vet, Quad Open A, and (Bike) 30+ B.

50cc Oil Inj. 4-6:
1.Devyn Ellefson (KTM); 2.Maxwell Peterson (KTM); 3.Dalton Lyons (KTM); 4.Kj Downey (Yam); 5.Jacqueline Riess (KTM); 6.Parker Hyde (KTM); 7.Nicholas Haut (KTM); 8.Wyatt Illg (KTM);

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8:
1.David Krey (COB); 2.Ian Crosby (COB);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Joshua Campa (KTM); 2.Logan Monster (KTM); 3.Justin Evans (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Eric Pracher (KTM); 2.Collin Doran (KTM); 3.Austin Midas (Pol); 4.Max Royalty (Kaw); 5.Colton Arneson (KTM); 6.Bruno San Roman (KTM); 7.Shayana Wilson (KTM); 8.Zachery Silverhus (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Zachary Trout (Suz); 2.Josh Emerson (Kaw);

65cc 10-11:
1.Dalton Carlson (Suz); 2.Matt Brisbois (Kaw); 3.Cassie Holcomb (Kaw);

85cc 7-11:
1.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 2.Timmy Mccoy (Suz); 3.Tyler Sherrill (Suz); 4.Jacob Larson (Yam); 5.Dalton Carlson (Suz); 6.Tyler Allen (Yam);

85cc 9-12:
1.Eric Johnson (Suz); 2.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 3.Timmy Mccoy (Suz); 4.Trevor Lind (Hon); 5.Jacob Larson (Yam); 6.Levi Klande (Yam);

85cc 12-15:
1.Randy Dibartolo (Suz); 2.Alex Peper (Yam); 3.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 4.Dustin Carlson (Suz); 5.Eric Johnson (Suz); 6.Mac Rivard (Yam); 7.Zach Quigley (Yam); 8.Ryan Bakker (Hon);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Randy Dibartolo (Suz); 2.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 3.Eric Johnson (Suz); 4.Alex Peper (Yam); 5.Cody Breitbach (Kaw); 6.Mac Rivard (Yam); 7.Jessica Hadler (KTM);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 3.Randy Dibartolo (Suz); 4.James Larson (Yam); 5.Keho Holcomb (Yam); 6.Justin Collins (Kaw); 7.Joe Herzog (Suz); 8.Kyle Dehn (Yam);

125 A:
1.John Dehn (Yam); 2.Ross Thompson (Kaw); 3.Jesse Goskey (Hon);

125 B:
1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.Casey Fisher (Hon); 3.Benjamin Kleven (Yam); 4.James Larson (Yam); 5.Justin Mckinnley (Yam); 6.Chas Kadlec (Yam); 7.Wesley Von De Linde (Kaw); 8.Joe Herzog (Suz);

125 C:
1.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 2.Cody Breitbach (Kaw); 3.Casey Weist (KTM); 4.Grant Guetschoff (Suz); 5.Justin Collins (Kaw); 6.Tyler Olson (Hon); 7.Nathan Huskamp (Yam); 8.Beau Lammers (Kaw);

250/Open A:
1.John Dehn (Yam); 2.Ryan Stalberger (Hon); 3.Jason Doyle (Hon);

250/Open B:
1.Kyle Dehn (Yam); 2.Jamie Koch (Yam); 3.Drew Houg (Hon); 4.Brian Uebel (Suz); 5.Jeff Stalberger (Hon); 6.Andy Odencrans (Suz); 7.John Courneya (Yam);

250/Open C:
1.Mike Herman (Suz); 2.Tyler Olson (Hon); 3.Larry Hart (Yam); 4.Kyle Curry (Yam); 5.Wade Walvatne (Kaw); 6.Zachary Ostenso (Hon); 7.Brad Schramel (Yam); 8.Ben Ulstrom (Suz);

16/24 A:
1.Ryan Stalberger (Hon); 2.Jason Doyle (Hon);

16/24 B:
1.Tyler Zelazny (Suz); 2.Casey Fisher (Hon); 3.Jeff Vetos (Hon); 4.Brian Uebel (Suz); 5.Benjamin Kleven (Yam); 6.Chas Kadlec (Yam); 7.Justin Mckinnley (Yam); 8.Jeff Stalberger (Hon);

16/24 C:
1.Tyler Olson (Hon); 2.Mike Herman (Suz); 3.Casey Weist (KTM); 4.Brandon Murphy (Yam); 5.Jeremy Schroeder (Yam); 6.Roger Reinhart (Hon); 7.Grant Guetschoff (Suz); 8.Larry Hart (Yam);

25+ A:
1.Josh Patzoldt (Yam); 2.Bill Medek (Yam); 3.Bernard Seleski (Yam); 4.Ross Thompson (Kaw); 5.Jeremie Reinhart (Yam); 6.Bob Chase (Yam);

25+ B:
1.Charles Forrest (Hon); 2.Drew Houg (Hon); 3.Jamie Koch (Yam); 4.Pat Petersen (Yam); 5.Jeremy Ringler (Suz); 6.Michael Rivard (Yam); 7.John Courneya (Yam);

25+ C:
1.Kevin Dennison (Hon); 2.Mark Robitaille (Yam); 3.Kyle Curry (Yam); 4.Travis Butterfield (Yam); 5.Joe Jaroscak (Hon); 6.Wade Walvatne (Kaw); 7.Todd Mcilroy (Kaw); 8.Derick Cavallin (Hon);

30+ A:
1.Bill Medek (Yam); 2.Jeremie Reinhart (Yam); 3.Bernard Seleski (Yam); 4.Bill Engstrom (Hon); 5.Ross Thompson (Kaw); 6.Frank Barna (Yam); 7.Todd Madland (Hon);

30+ B:
1.Michael Rivard (Yam); 2.Paul Dyck (Yam); 3.Rob Murphy (Hon); 4.Michael Mccarthy (Hon); 5.Pat Petersen (Yam); 6.Bob Housh (Yam); 7.Thor Mathison ; 8.Joey Olson (Hon);

30+ C:
1.Travis Butterfield (Yam); 2.Brad Emerson Sr. (Kaw); 3.Mark Robitaille (Yam); 4.Todd Mcilroy (Kaw); 5.Joe Jaroscak (Hon); 6.Brad Cunningham (Hon);

40+ A:
1.Tom Peterson (Yam); 2.Kevin Schlegel (Hon); 3.Frank Barna (Yam); 4.Bill Engstrom (Hon); 5.Brian Fisher (KTM); 6.Terry Westlin (Hon); 7.Mike Mineheine (Hon);

40+ B:
1.Paul Dyck (Yam); 2.Jerry Dillon (Yam); 3.Thor Mathison (Hon); 4.Dan Lacroix (Yam); 5.Patrick Duffy (Yam);

40+ C:
1.Mark Brunsberg (Hon); 2.Robert Boucher (Hon); 3.Steve Ostenso (Hon); 4.Timothy Murphy (Yam);

45+ A:
1.Terry Westlin (Hon);

45+ B/C:
1.Jerry Dillon (Yam); 2.Patrick Duffy (Yam); 3.John Dahlen (Kaw); 4.Timothy Boe (Yam); 5.Duane Gunderson (Hon);

1.Jessica Kight (Hon); 2.Jessica Hadler (KTM); 3.Beth Schwantz (Hon);

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