Bostrom and Jendro battle at District 23 Opener

Grantsburg, Wisconsin, April 4, 2004

Jacob Bostrom and Scott Jendro saw a lot of each other at the District 23 opener, dicing for the lead for a better part of all their motos. Jendro took two overalls, winning the 250 A and 16-24 A classes, while Bostrom took both motos in 125 A.

Jacob Bostrom (407) shreds the Parking Lot Berm in front of Scott Jendro (302) and James Easler (8).

The Straight Arrows had the sandy track looking deceptively smooth and easy prior to practice. With nearly 500 riders signed up to race, the track got rough early and it quickly became apparent who knew how to go fast in the sand. The track held a warm-up race the previous week, but this week it was for keeps and the turn-outs of each event reflected that.

The first 250 A moto saw John Dehn take the eary lead while Bostrom went down in the first corner. Jendro moved his Excel Motorsports/ Factory Connection / MXPrivateer.Net / Honda 450 into the lead and pulled away. Despite a fall, Dehn held onto a comfortable second. Quite a ways back, there was a good race for third with James Easler taking the spot over Kyle Love and Bill Medek. Bostrom was only able to make it back to 16th.

John Dehn (257) and Scott Jendro (302) dice for the lead early in the first 250 A moto

In the second moto, Bostrom and Jendro got off the line together and checked out. They stayed close to each other until the third lap, when Jendro began to pull away. Dehn was third most of the race, quite a ways back, but comfortably ahead of the fight for fourth. Rick Amatuzio held fourth until falling in the back section and taking a very long time to get going. With the two moto sweep, Jendro took the overall, followed by Dehn (3-2), Medek (5-4), Love (4-6) and Ryan Greening (7-5).

Another double winner on the day was B class rider, Chad Koenig. Koenig swept the 16-24 B and the 250 B classes. Koenig got out front early in the first 16-24 B race and was never headed. Ryan Toulouse held second early, but eventually fell back to fourth behind Wesley Von De Linde and James Lorr. The second moto was a bit more processional as Koenig took the holeshot and gapped the field. Von De Linde held off Lorr for second in the moto and overall, while Toulose was again fourth. A consistent 6-7 score landed Chas Kadlec fifth overall.

Wesley Von De Linde (412) wheelies through a Grantsburg whoop, on his way to second in the 16-24 B class.

The 85cc classes also saw a rider sweep two classes. Gannon Audette won the 85cc 7-11 and 85cc 9-12. Audette was comfortably out front in both of the 7-11 motos, but Eric Johnson pressured for a while in the 9-12 class, before falling back to a comfortable second. The other riders to win two classes covered quite a wide age range. Eric Anderson won the 50cc Chain 7-8 and 65cc 7-9 classes, Bruce Dehn won Schoolboy and 125B, and Jerry Dillon doubled up in the 40+ B and 45+ B/C.

50cc Oil Inj. 4-6:
1.Bradley Johnson (KTM); 2.Mitch Ramacher (Yam); 3.Liam Strong (KTM); 4.Dante Ramacher (KTM); 5.Adam Ness (KTM); 6.Devyn Ellefson (KTM); 7.Brandon Maxey (KTM); 8.Carley Lynch (Suz); 9.Joshua Bohnen (KTM); 10.Jordan Mcgill (KTM);

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8:
1.David Krey (COB); 2.Alex Miller (Yam); 3.Tristen Olson (Suz); 4.Allison Combs (KTM); 5.Jeremy Wesloh (Yam);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Logan Monster (KTM); 2.Jake Langner (KTM); 3.Justin Evans (KTM); 4.Colton Walker (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Eric Anderson (KTM); 2.Austin Midas (KTM); 3.Collin Doran (KTM); 4.Michael Johnson (KTM); 5.Kyle Swenson (KTM); 6.Zach Williamson (POL); 7.Jason Fern (POL); 8.Alex Anderson (KTM); 9.Tyler Anderson ; 10.Thomas Bosek (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Eric Anderson (KTM); 2.Blake Higgins (Suz); 3.Erik Jensen (KTM); 4.Jeremy Halverson ; 5.Jeffrey Halverson (Kaw); 6.Alexander Ives (KTM); 7.Brad Emerson (Kaw); 8.Robby Olson (Suz); 9.Salena Richie (Yam);

65cc 10-11:
1.Dalton Carlson (Suz); 2.Matt Brisbois (Kaw); 3.Zack Osowski (KTM); 4.Aaron Thomas (Suz); 5.Damon Medek (Kaw); 6.Cassie Holcomb (Kaw); 7.Damon Butterfield (Suz); 8.Joseph Combs (Kaw); 9.Jared Torgerson (Suz);

85cc 7-11:
1.Gannon Audette (Kaw); 2.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 3.Timmy Mccoy (Suz); 4.Dustin Fore (Kaw); 5.Damon Johnson (Yam); 6.Joseph Combs (Suz); 7.Justin Regenscheid ; 8.Tyler Beebe (Yam);

85cc 9-12:
1.Gannon Audette (Kaw); 2.Eric Johnson (Suz); 3.Cody Thomsen (Yam); 4.Shane Tismer (Yam); 5.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 6.Dustin Fore (Kaw); 7.Dustin Armbrust (KTM); 8.Andy Ives (Yam); 9.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 10.Michael Johnson (Kaw);

85cc 12-15:
1.Cody Thomsen (Yam); 2.Eric Johnson (Suz); 3.Alex Peper (Yam); 4.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 5.Justin Collins (Suz); 6.Dustin Carlson (Suz); 7.Cody Stadin (Kaw); 8.Joe Herzog (Yam); 9.Matt Ellison (Yam); 10.Charley Perkins (Yam);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Cody Breitbach (Kaw); 2.Cole Thompson (Suz); 3.Brandon Schlegel (Yam); 4.Alex Peper (Yam); 5.Dustin Armbrust (KTM); 6.Cody Stadin (Kaw); 7.Justin Collins (Suz); 8.Brian Garvey (Hon); 9.Alex Hellesvig (Hon);

Schoolboy 125cc 12-15:
1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.Nolan Erickson (Suz); 3.Kyle Dehn (Suz); 4.Corey Rudolph (Yam); 5.Jeremy Legatt (Yam); 6.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 7.Michael Borden (Yam); 8.Charlie Wise (Suz); 9.Blake Nelson (Yam); 10.Joe Herzog (Suz);

125 A:
1.Jake Bostrom (Yam); 2.Scott Jendro (Hon); 3.John Dehn (Yam); 4.Jason Johnson (Suz); 5.Jack Lorr (Kaw); 6.Thomas Miller (Hon); 7.Steven Lorr (Kaw); 8.Brad Knopse (Yam); 9.Chad Johnson (Hon); 10.Ryan Greening (Yam);

125 B: 1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.Andrew Spoford (Suz); 3.Kyle Dehn (Suz); 4.Nolan Erickson (Suz); 5.James Lorr (Kaw); 6.Josh Foote (Yam); 7.Justin Rudolph (Yam); 8.Chris Barta (Hon); 9.Brandon Daudt (KTM); 10.Nicholas Mills (Yam);

125 C:
1.Charlie Wise (Suz); 2.Taylor Curry (Yam); 3.Casey Weist (KTM); 4.Jeremy Schroeder (Yam); 5.Isaiah Belsheim (Kaw); 6.Jaymes Smith (Yam); 7.Jordan Schaar (Yam); 8.Brandon Ness (Hon); 9.Chase Lapcinski (KTM); 10.Brent Wilder (Suz);

250/Open A:
1.Scott Jendro (Hon); 2.John Dehn (Yam); 3.Bill Medek (Yam); 4.Kyle Love (Kaw); 5.Ryan Greening (Yam); 6.Ted Kraft (Yam); 7.James Easler (Yam); 8.Jake Bostrom (Yam); 9.Brad Knopse (Hon); 10.Rick Amatuzio (Hon);

250/Open B:
1.Chad Koenig (Yam); 2.Joe Beaulieu (Hon); 3.Andrew Meyer (Kaw); 4.Ryan Nesbit (Yam); 5.Brian Uebel (Suz); 6.Jeff Stalberger (Hon); 7.Tyler Zelazny (Suz); 8.Matt Gamble (Yam); 9.Ryan Toulouse (Yam); 10.Andy Odencrans (Suz);

250/Open C:
1.Mike Vodicka (Hon); 2.Russ Murray (Hon); 3.Nick Tachery (Yam); 4.Michael Odencrans (Suz); 5.Glen Wilcox (Hon); 6.Jacob Frokjer (Yam); 7.Cody Gamble (Kaw); 8.Gary Schlosser (Hon); 9.Bryan Belsheim (Suz); 10.Mike Herman (Suz);

16/24 A:
1.Scott Jendro (Hon); 2.Jake Bostrom (Yam); 3.James Easler (Yam); 4.Jason Johnson (Suz); 5.Ted Kraft (Yam); 6.Jesse Goskey (Hon); 7.Steven Lorr (Kaw); 8.Jack Lorr (Kaw); 9.Erick Bostrom (Yam); 10.Thomas Miller (Hon);

16/24 B:
1.Chad Koenig (Yam); 2.Wesley Von De Linde (Kaw); 3.James Lorr (Kaw); 4.Ryan Toulouse (Yam); 5.Chas Kadlec (Yam); 6.Brian Uebel (Suz); 7.Benjamin Kleven (Yam); 8.Brandon Daudt (KTM); 9.Blake Thomas (Hon); 10.Brett Abrahamson (Suz);

16/24 C:
1.Casey Weist (KTM); 2.Mike Vodicka (Hon); 3.Russ Murray (Hon); 4.Mike Hall (Yam); 5.Taylor Curry (Yam); 6.Jordan Schaar (Yam); 7.Richard Robinson (Kaw); 8.Justin Sweet (Hon); 9.Dustin Preusser (Suz); 10.Nick Tachery (Yam);

25 Plus A:
1.Lee Erickson (Yam); 2.Josh Patzoldt (Yam); 3.Ray Schlegel (Yam); 4.Jeremy Schmidt (Hon); 5.Rory Horner (Yam); 6.Michael Moores (Yam); 7.Tony Ulrich (Yam); 8.Ross Thompson (Kaw); 9.Jeff Colber (Yam); 10.Kyle Love (Kaw);

25 Plus B:
1.Derick Christensen (Hon); 2.Joe Beaulieu (Hon); 3.Steve Rolla (Hon); 4.Jamie Koch (Yam); 5.Patrick Peterson (Yam); 6.Jan Zedril (Hon); 7.Jeff Graver (Hon); 8.Jeffrey Young (Yam); 9.Dave Dirkman (Yam);

25 Plus C:
1.Kevin Dennison (Hon); 2.Wade Walvatne (Kaw); 3.Chris Kusch (Hon); 4.Todd Mcilroy (Kaw); 5.Derrick Cavalin (Hon); 6.Travis Butterfield (Yam);

Vet A :
1.Rick Amatuzio (Hon); 2.Jeff Colber (Yam); 3.Craig Johnson (Yam); 4.Davie Riipinen (Yam); 5.Bill Medek (Yam); 6.Kevin Schlegel (Yam); 7.Ray Schlegel (Yam); 8.Daniel Lewis (Yam); 9.Ross Thompson (Kaw); 10.Jeremy Schmidt (Hon);

Vet B :
1.Rob Murphy (Hon); 2.John Brand (Hon); 3.Anthony Kroone (Kaw); 4.Lorin Wicklund (Suz); 5.Pat Petersen (Yam); 6.Jeffrey Young (Yam); 7.Jeff Graver (Hon);

Vet C :
1.Craig Schlegel (Hon); 2.Randy Schlegel (Yam); 3.Frank Foote (Kaw); 4.Dennis Bohen (Suz); 5.Todd Mcilroy (Kaw); 6.Shawn Martin (Yam); 7.Gerald Krueger (Kaw); 8.Michael Shea (Hon); 9.Greg Martin (KTM); 10.Stephen Stoker (Yam);

Senior A :
1.Kevin Schlegel (Yam); 2.Daniel Lewis (Yam); 3.Ray Osowski (KTM); 4.Frank Barna (Yam); 5.Terry Westlin (Hon); 6.Bill Corcoran (Hon); 7.Kirk Vesterstein (Yam); 8.Ken Matson (Hon);

Senior B :
1.Jerry Dillon (Yam); 2.Tony Froland (Kaw); 3.Patrick Duffy (Yam);

Senior C :
1.Don Anderson (Yam); 2.Scott Borden (Hon); 3.Gerald Krueger (Kaw); 4.Steve Tinguold (KTM);

45+ B/C:
1.Jerry Dillon (Yam); 2.Don Anderson (Yam); 3.Harold Gooch (Yam); 4.Steve Tinguold (KTM); 5.Bob Hartley ; 6.Duane Gunderson ;

50 Plus:
1.Harold Gooch (Yam);

1.Taylor Kraft (Yam); 2.Jenna Fore (Kaw); 3.Jessica Kight (Hon); 4.Amy Aho (Yam); 5.Beth Schwantz (Hon); 6.Camille Cagle (Hon);

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