One Fast Moto Scooter at Grantsburg Opener

Grantsburg, Wisconsin, March 28, 2004

The first race of the year at Grantsburg MX Park was supposed to be a warm-up, but Scott “Scooter” Jendro was already setting a hot pace, riding a pair of Honda thumpers to three dominating wins in the 125 A, 250 A, and 16-24 A classes. He nearly lapped the field in all six motos he entered.

The Straight Arrows Enduro Riders decided to revive an old tradition and scheduled a non-points race the weekend before the District 23 points season was scheduled to begin. A relatively warm spring thawed the track early and conditions on race day were excellent. It’s believed that this is the first outdoor race in March for nearly ten years, at least this far north. The sandy soil can handle a lot of moisture, which is why most of the races are scheduled early in the season.

The idea of racing in March and the inaccurate predictions of rain contributed to a relatively small turn-out, particularly in the Youth classes. The ones who dared to show up were rewarded with plenty of track time. Many of the riders had not ridden since last fall, so the opportunity to get some outdoor track time was welcome, even if the deep sand was a bit more physically demanding than they were ready for.

Mike Carlson and 2003 Vet A Champion, Darwin Frideres, came all the way from Wesley, IA to get some riding in. In the first moto of the combined Vet A/B race, Frideres took the holeshot and lead most of the way, but Carlson got by on the last lap for the win. In moto two, Carlson cleared away early, leaving Frideres to hold off the advances of Rob “bobcat” Murphy. Murphy made his move late in the moto and held onto second in the race, first in the Vet B class. “I had a blast today, but my arms really pumped up”, admitted Frideres after the second moto, “He (Murphy) had a better line and passed me clean.”

Darwin Frideres (1v) cuts his thumper to the inside, while the throng of spectators watch the unnamed YZ rider behind him do the classic, sand berm tip-over.

While Jendro was running way out front in both of the combined 250 A/B motos, the 250 B riders gave the crowd quite a race. Ryan Toulouse lead early in the first moto, only to crash on the second lap. Matt Boe grabbed the lead and never looked back. Juston Kotlowski held off Andrew Meyer for second. Toulose worked his way up to fourth. In the second moto, Boe took the early lead and was never headed. Toulouse rode to second in the moto, but had to settle for third overall. Kotlowski’s third place in moto two earned him second overall.

Andrew Meyer (493) and Justin Kotlowski (227) battled near the front in both 250 B motos.

The 125 C class, provided some of the most competitive races of the day, even if consistency was a bit hard to come by. In the first moto, Casey Weist grabbed the early lead and motored away from the field, leading by 11 seconds at the flag. Camden Schrupp worked his way up to second. Weist went down early in the second moto, and soldiered on to finish 8th. That left the door open for Schrupp, who took the lead early and pulled away from the field. Brandon Ness worked his way into second, but that was only good for fourth overall (6-2) behind the more consistent Talyor Curry (4-3) and Jeremy Schroder (3-4).

Camdem Schrupp (265) leads the second 125 C race, on his way to the moto and overall win.

50cc Oil Inj. 4-6: 1.Jake Madland (Yam); 2.Alyssa Butterfield (Yam);

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8: 1.Ian Crosby ;

50cc Chain 4-6: 1.Jake Madland (Yam);

50cc Chain 7-8: 1.Eric Prachar (KTM);

65cc 7-9: 1.Riley Kroone (Suz); 2.Kurtis Endres (KTM); 3.Max Royalty ; 4.Vernon Maslow ;

65cc 10-11: 1.Bryce Backaus (Suz); 2.Damon Butterfield (Suz); 3.Mitchell Schoenoff (Suz);

85cc 7-11: 1.Gannon Audette (Kaw); 2.Riley Kroone (Suz); 3.Jacob Larson (Yam); 4.Scott Kaczynski ; 5.Tommy Hanson (Yam);

85cc 9-12: 1.Gannon Audette (Kaw); 2.Derek Hom (Kaw); 3.Tommy Hanson (Yam);

85cc 12-15: 1.Bobby Droher (Suz); 2.James Larson ; 3.Zach Quigley ; 4.Cody Stadin (Kaw); 5.Ryan Enerson (Hon);

Super-Mini 12-15: 1.Derek Hom (Kaw); 2.Camden Schrupp (Yam); 3.Ryan Enerson (Hon); 4.Bobby Droher (Suz); 5.Zach Quigley ;

Schoolboy 125cc 12-15: 1.Blake Nelson (Yam); 2.James Larson ; 3.Brandon Ness (Hon); 4.Jacob Jones ;

125 A: 1.Scott Jendro (Hon); 2.Jason Johnson (Suz);

125 B: 1.Bob Williams (Hon); 2.Wesley Von De Linde (Kaw); 3.Robert Rajol (Yam); 4.Jeremy Eck (Suz); 5.Tyler Hom (Kaw);

125 C: 1.Camden Schrupp (Yam); 2.Taylor Curry (Yam); 3.Jeremy Schroeder (Yam); 4.Brandon Ness (Hon); 5.Casey Weist (KTM);

250/Open A: 1.Scott Jendro (Hon);

250/Open B: 1.Matt Boe (Yam); 2.Justin Kotlowski (Yam); 3.Ryan Toulouse (Yam); 4.Andrew Meyer (Kaw); 5.Dylan Turner (Yam);

250/Open C: 1.Matt Vodicka (Kaw); 2.Mike Vodicka (Hon); 3.Michael Odencrans (Suz); 4.Caleb Soderbeck (Suz); 5.Justin Campbell ;

16/24 A: 1.Scott Jendro (Hon);

16/24 B: 1.Justin Kotlowski (Yam); 2.Ryan Toulouse (Yam); 3.Matt Boe (Yam);

16/24 C: 1.Mike Vodicka (Hon); 2.Jeremy Pohl (Hon); 3.Matt Vodicka (Kaw); 4.Taylor Curry (Yam); 5.Casey Weist (KTM);

25 Plus A: 1.Jeff Wegner (Yam);

25 Plus B: 1.Bob Williams (Hon); 2.Doug Block (Hon); 3.Jamie Koch (Yam);

25 Plus C: 1.Chris Kusch (Hon); 2.Brian Erickson (Kaw); 3.Travis Butterfield (Yam); 4.Tyler Butterfield (Kaw); 5.Mike Christy (KTM);

Vet A : 1.Mike Carlson (Suz); 2.Darwin Frideres (Hon); 3.Jeff Wegner (Yam);

Vet B : 1.Robert Murphy (Hon); 2.Randy Smith (Suz); 3.Doug Block (Hon); 4.Anthony Kroone (Kaw); 5.Ray Hom (Kaw);

Vet C : 1.Todd Mcilroy (Kaw); 2.Mike Christy (KTM);

Senior A : 1.Terry Westlin (Hon);

Senior B : 1.Dan Pohl (Hon); 2.Wayne Sorenson (Hon);

Senior C : 1.Steven Schonoff (Yam); 2.Rick Taylor (Hon);

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