Itís Miller Time at Elko Finale

Elko MX, September 7, 2008

On a mild day, tailor-made for a day of motocross racing, about 300 riders competed at the 2008 Elko motocross finale. Suzuki 85cc rider, Henry Miller, swept all four motos he competed in, while Ryan Miller (not related), rode his Honda 450 to a 4 for 4 tally as well.

As the Motokazie Dealer series hit itís stretch run, a few riders that competed in the AMA amateur national championships were on hand, showing the boys and girls back home what it takes to make it to Loretta Lynnís ranch for the prestigious race. Henry Miller competed in two displacement classes there. In the 65cc 10-11 Stock class, 2 DNFs hurt his overall placing, but in 85cc 9-11 Stock, his consistent riding earned him 16th overall.

His first class out was 85cc 9-11. In the first moto, Grant Hecht had the early lead, but Miller was by quickly and proceeded to put some distance on the field. Nick Schnagl was comfortably in second while the scrum behind him ended up with Hecht in third, followed by Sam Kemp and Girls class winner, Tayva Strom. The second moto played out much the same way as Miller and Schnagel quickly got to 1-2, while a battle raged behind them. This time, Strom was third, followed by Hecht and Mario Eiden. Overall, it was Miller, Schnagl, Hecht (3-4), Strom (5-3), and Kemp (4-6).

The 85s launch off the line as the brow-furrowing dads look on

Miller also swept the 85cc 9-12 class. You may wonder why there is a 9-11 and a 9-12 class for the 85s. The 9-11 class used to be the 7-11 class, but the AMA changed the minimum age for 85 riders to nine years-old. This change was announced too late to change the District 23 class structures. Both classes usually have quite a few entries, so in this year of declining participation, it may just stay for 2009.

14-24 C is typically one of the bigger classes and today was no exception as 20 riders hit the track, looking to see the checkered flag first. In the first race, Andrew Peterson lead early, but ran into problems. By the second lap, Ryan Miller had a lead he would keep until the end. Damon Johnson parlayed his good start to a second place finish followed by Tyler Hinrichs, Dylan Larson and Luke Holden. Hinrichs was another national veteran, finishing 26th in Motocross C.

Peterson leads early as the pack scrambles for position behind him

In the second race, Miller wasted little time getting out front and pulling away for the moto and overall win. In this moto, Hinrichs topped Johnson, giving him second overall. Holden (5-4) and Larson (4-6) rounded out the top five. Miller also won both motos of Open C.

The biggest A classes were in the vet classes. Robert Kohl, who competed in the 25+ and 35+ classes at LL, topped both races in 30+ A and the first moto of 25+ A, but a second moto DNS allowed Justin Tate to take the 25+ A overall win. In 40+ A, Brad Cunningham and Gene Miller (Yes, another Miller) traded moto wins with Miller taking the deciding second moto for the overall.

Both classes for the 45 and older demographic had good turnouts and competitive racing. In the first race, Mike Anderson lead all the way in 45+ A, despite late pressure from the two-stroke screaming, Jeff Sandback. Lee Arntz won his blood duel with Mike Mineheine for third. 50+ winner, Jerry Schultze rounded out the top 5. In the second race, Anderson fought off Mineheine for the holeshot and lead all the way. With everyone finishing in the same position in the second race, the overall was easy to calculate; Anderson, Sandback, Arntz, Mineheine, and Schultze.

Sandback floats the valve-less Honda over the step-up

In the opening 45+ (B/C) race, dropped behind the 45+ A class, Jeff Johnson grabbed the holeshot, but Dan Deutsch made his way by and looked to have the win in hand. A fall midway in the race handed the lead back to Johnson, who held it to the end. Finishing behind him was James Grieser, a recovering Deutsch, John Mulligan, and Mike Duea. In the second race, Johnson again had the holeshot, but was passed by Deutsch, who would make no mistakes this time. Johnson, the overall in hand, stayed in second for the rest of the race. Greiser was a solid third in the moto and overall. Duea topped Mulligan in the race, giving them 4th and 5th overall respectively.

(Left to right) Johnson, Arntz, Duea, and Mineheine wonder why someone is standing on the track taking a picture of them.

Going to the other end of the age spectrum, another Loretta Lynnís ďveteranĒ on hand was Josh Boaz, who finished 23rd in the 51 (4-6) AMA 1 Stock class. He showed his national form on this day topping 50cc Oil Injected 4-8 and 50cc Premix 4-6. Trent Hinrichs competed in the ultra-competitive, Motocross B class, at LL, and took that speed to a double class sweep also, winning all four motos in 14-24 B and Open B.

The only other riders to get two class wins were Jake Sorenson in 125 Jr. 12-14 and 250 B, and Kurt Torbenson in 30+B and 40+ B.

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50cc Oil Inj. 4-8:
1.Josh Boaz (KTM); 2.Aaron Blackstone (KTM); 3.Deuce J Peplinski (KTM); 4.Haley Greig (KTM); 5.Aaron Boatman (KTM); 6.Cade Downey (KTM); 7.Cort Carlson (KTM); 8.Nick Paige (KTM);

50cc Premix 4-6:
1.Josh Boaz (KTM); 2.Brandon Klym (KTM); 3.Aaron St Sauver (COB); 4.Deuce J Peplinski (KTM);

50cc Premix 7-8:
1.Payton Harrison (KTM); 2.Austin D Griffin (COB); 3.Toni Jahnz (PLN); 4.Alex T Comstock ; 5.Peyton Downey (COB); 6.Aaron Blackstone (KTM);

50cc Multispeed:
1.Jaxon Opitz (KTM); 2.Kyle D Williams (KTM); 3.Deuce J Peplinski (KTM); 4.Aaron St Sauver (KTM); 5.Haley Greig (KTM); 6.Aaron Boatman (KTM); 7.Gavin Tilford (KTM); 8.Cody Wichmann (Hon);

65cc 7-9:
1.Grant T. Hecht (Suz); 2.Garret Strege (Kaw); 3.Seth Fischer (COB); 4.Kj Downey (KTM); 5.Nicholas Swenson (KTM); 6.Cameron M. Ziegler (KTM); 7.Matthew Pelletier (KTM); 8.Brody Boeckmann/king (KTM);

65cc 10-11:
1.Nick Schnagl (KTM); 2.Trevor Archibald (Kaw); 3.Cody Wroe (Kaw); 4.Bret Holland (KTM); 5.Brent Quigley (KTM); 6.Mirza Hodzic (Kaw); 7.Aaron Sperling (Kaw); 8.Mitch D. Hallet (KTM);

85cc 9-11:
1.Henry Miller (Suz); 2.Nick Schnagl (Suz); 3.Grant T. Hecht (Suz); 4.Tayva M. Strom (Suz); 5.Sam Kemp (Suz); 6.Mario Eiden (Suz); 7.Trevor Archibald (Kaw); 8.Wyatt Krampitz (Yam);

85cc 9-12:
1.Henry Miller (Suz); 2.Eric Anderson (Hon); 3.Daniel Hook (KTM); 4.Colton Arneson (Suz); 5.Nick Schnagl (Suz); 6.Devin Donaho (Yam); 7.Sam Kemp (Suz); 8.Mario Eiden (Suz);

85cc 12-15:
1.Colton Arneson (Suz); 2.Sean Castle (Yam); 3.Daniel Hook (KTM); 4.Dylan Wolff (Suz); 5.Devin Donaho (Yam); 6.Tyler Schmiesing (Hon); 7.Connor Stoker (Yam);

Supermini 12-15:
1.Sean Castle (Yam); 2.Connor Stoker (Yam);

Schoolboy 12-16:
1.Cody Ihlen (Hon); 2.Shane M. Rhode (Yam); 3.Dustin Soderman (Yam); 4.Cory Holland (Yam); 5.Joshua Sonnee (Yam); 6.Nick Kersten (Hon);

125 Jr. 14-16:
1.Jake Sorensen (Hon); 2.Joe Perron (Yam); 3.Clarion Chapiewski (Hon); 4.John Wessling (Hon); 5.Cody Slark (Hon); 6.Jake Chmielewski (Hon);

Girls 9-13:
1.Tayva M. Strom (Suz); 2.Jacqueline Riess (Suz); 3.Katie Vanderwerf (Suz);

125cc 12 and up:
1.Shane M. Rhode (Yam); 2.Joshua Sonnee (Yam); 3.Cory Holland (Yam);

250 A:
1.James Carsten (Hon); 2.Tim Fuller (Hon);

250 B:
1.Jake Sorensen (Hon); 2.John Wessling (Hon); 3.William Doane (Yam); 4.Jake Fogelberg (Kaw); 5.Collin Cassem (Hon); 6.Joe Perron (Yam); 7.Cody Slark (Hon); 8.Clarion Chapiewski (Hon);

250 C:
1.Andrew Peterson (Hon); 2.Luke Holden (Yam); 3.Cody Ihlen (Hon); 4.Dylan D. Larson (Suz); 5.Shane Page (Yam); 6.Lucas Benson (Suz); 7.Jake Chmielewski (Hon); 8.Adam Weichelt (Yam);

Open A:
1.Justin Tate (Hon); 2.James Carsten (Hon);

Open B:
1.Trent Hinrichs (Hon); 2.Brandon Stewart (Kaw); 3.William Doane (Yam); 4.Chris Pietsch (Yam); 5.John Matejka (Yam); 6.Josh Lindgren (Suz); 7.Aaron Deer (Hon); 8.Tony Deutsch (Yam);

Open C:
1.Ryan Miller (Hon); 2.Nick Oeltjen (Hon); 3.Tyler Hinrichs (Hon); 4.Lucas Benson (Suz); 5.Brandon Wroe (Yam); 6.Mitchell Schoenoff (Yam); 7.Jake Tastad (Hon); 8.Chris Vogel (Hon);

14-24 A:
1.Tim Fuller (Hon);

14-24 B:
1.Trent Hinrichs (Hon); 2.John Reinhart (Hon); 3.William Doane (Yam); 4.Joe Perron (Yam); 5.Collin Cassem (Hon); 6.John Wessling (Hon); 7.Brandon Stewart (Kaw); 8.Cody Slark (Hon);

14-24 C:
1.Ryan Miller (Hon); 2.Tyler Hinrichs (Hon); 3.Damon Johnson (Hon); 4.Luke Holden (Yam); 5.Dylan D. Larson (Suz); 6.Andrew Peterson (Hon); 7.Jake Chmielewski (Hon); 8.Shane Page (Yam);

25+ A:
1.Justin Tate (Hon); 2.Robert Kohl (Kaw);

25+ B:
1.Dominique Turner (Hon); 2.Jeff Kline (Yam); 3.Landon Carlson (Kaw); 4.Kurt Fosberg (Kaw); 5.Scott A. King (Hon); 6.Joe Crosby (Suz); 7.Jason Boche (Hon);

25+ C:
1.Ryan Schultz (Hon); 2.Beau Boerner (Yam); 3.Josh Creamer (Hon); 4.Brian Johnson (Yam); 5.Steve Bauman (Yam); 6.April Morita (Yam); 7.William Wells (Yam); 8.Marc Nielsen (KTM);

30+ A:
1.Robert Kohl (Kaw); 2.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 3.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 4.Norman Miesen (Yam);

30+ B:
1.Kurt G. Torbenson (Hon); 2.Dominique Turner (Hon); 3.Jeff Johnson (Hon); 4.Jason Boche (Hon); 5.Kristopher Griese (Kaw); 6.Bill Cunningham (Hon); 7.Steve Schoenoff (Yam);

30+ C:
1.Steve Bauman (Yam); 2.Josh Creamer (Hon); 3.Justin Schultz (Yam); 4.John Tastad (KTM); 5.Taylor Carlson (Yam); 6.Scott Archibald (Hon); 7.David Paul (Yam); 8.Chris J. Rosendahl (Suz);

40+ A:
1.Gene Miller (Hon); 2.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 3.Mike Anderson (Suz); 4.Thomas Peterson (Yam); 5.Mike Mineheine (KTM); 6.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 7.Norman Miesen (Yam); 8.Lee Arntz (Yam);

40+ B:
1.Kurt G. Torbenson (Hon); 2.Derrick E. Boaz (Hon); 3.Kurt Fosberg (Kaw); 4.John Kersten (Hon); 5.Jeff Johnson (Hon); 6.Bill Cunningham (Hon); 7.Dan Deutsch (Yam); 8.Steve Schoenoff (Yam);

40+ C:
1.Brian Albers (Suz); 2.Mike Duea (Yam); 3.John A. Mulligan (Kaw); 4.John Tastad (KTM); 5.Mike S. Carpenter (Suz); 6.Suad Hodzic (Yam); 7.David Paul (Yam); 8.Dave Wessling (Hon);

45+ A:
1.Mike Anderson (Suz); 2.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 3.Lee Arntz (Yam); 4.Mike Mineheine (KTM); 5.Jerry M. Schulze (Yam);

1.Jeff Johnson (Hon); 2.Dan Deutsch (Yam); 3.James Grieser (Suz); 4.Mike Duea (Yam); 5.John A. Mulligan (Kaw); 6.Mike S. Carpenter (Suz); 7.Dave Wessling (Hon); 8.David Larson (KTM);

1.Jerry M. Schulze (Yam);

1.Kayla Solheid (Yam); 2.Jessica Hansen (Hon); 3.April Morita (Yam); 4.Allison Larson (Yam); 5.Katelyn Stewart (Kaw);

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