Polvony turns Yellow to Green at Elko Motocross

Elko MX, July 16, 2006

A contingency race for Kawasaki and Suzuki saw the Elko Motocross winner’s circle filled with a sea of green and yellow, but the riders had to overcome the heat and some stiff competition to earn their awards. The big winner of the day was James Polvony, who won four classes on his Suzukis.

Several other riders were able to win two classes as 330 riders packed the starting gates and provided great racing action all day. The only other rider to win more than 2 classes was Mitchell Oldenburg, who won 65cc 10-11, 85cc 7-11, and 85cc 9-12.

With the weather forecasters frequently using the word “dangerous” when describing the heat and humidity that was supposed to hit on race day, riders and crews were braced for it, bringing plenty of water and looking for places to cool off between motos. The big-rig to pick-up ratio, despite the recent gas prices, was at a near record level. A bit of spotty rain and persistent cloudiness kept the temperatures at bay early on, but by the second motos, the heat index was into the 100s, putting the riders mid-season conditioning levels to the test. The track got rougher as the day wore on, the Motokazie crew doing their usual excellent job of keeping the track moist and tacky.

Polvony was not quite able to win all eight motos. In the first 125 moto, John Dehn lead Polvony across the checkered. Riding a Kawasaki in 125 A and a Suzuki in 250 A, Dehn would give Polvony his only challenges of the day, but ultimately a few hard crashes cost him too much time and energy. He was still able to finish second overall in both classes. In the 25+ A and 30+ A, Mike Johnson was the only one to keep Polvony in sight early in the motos, taking second four times.

Once again, the biggest A class was the “older fast boys”, 40+ A. Don Bonnicksen came in with a healthy lead in the District 23 championship and was coming off a four-for-four moto sweep of the 40+ A and 45+ classes at the previous week’s Millville LL Regional Qualifier. Tim Bernloehr, who had won the class in both races at the track in 2006, was also there. Dave Spizman,a multi-time winner at the track last year, was also a contender for the win.

Bernloehr running out front
Photo courtesy of MN MotoSports

In the first race, it was Bernloehr taking the holeshot, with Spizman, Bob Buck, Tom Peterson, and Bonnickson close behind. Bernloehr and Spizman pulled away a bit as Bonnickson moved into third. Bernloehr continued to lead, but Bonnickson passed Spizman and was closing the gap. It came down to a last lap scramble. Bonnickson had caught to the rear fender of Bernloehr going into the second-to-last corner, a drop in, jump out, bowl turn that is out of sight of the spectators. Jumping out of the turn and back into sight was only Bonnickson. Unfortunately their lines had crossed and Bernloehr was sent into the woods. Everyone moved up a spot, as Spizman was a comfortable second, then Jeff Sandback, Peterson, Buck, and Blair Schmidt. Bernloehr was shaken-up, but eventually took the flag in eleventh place.

In the second moto, Bernloehr took another holeshot, with Bonnickson, Sandback, Tony Ulrich, and Spizman following. The two leaders quickly separated themselves from the rest of the pack for their own battle. Bonnickson closed in several times, but could never quite attempt a pass, his 1-2 score still good enough for the overall. Next was Spizman (2-3), Sandback (3-4), Peterson (4-5), and Bernloehr (11-1). Bonnickson also won both motos of 45+ A.

Towards the other end of the age spectrum are the “younger big kids”, the 125cc Junior 12-15 class (same as the class formerly known as Schoolboy, but not the same as the one currently known as Schoolboy). In the first moto, it was Andrew Rutledge getting the holeshot, but Eric Espe was quickly past and into the lead. Eric Johnson moved into second early and the two pulled away. Johnson was never quite able to get around and had to settle for a close second. Zach Stewert, Dustin Hargath and Jesse Frost were gapped out behind them.

In the second moto, It was Espe, Shane Tismer, and Johnson leading out of the first turn. The Eric and Eric show was running again up front, with Tismer keeping them in sight early. Johnson moved by Espe on the third lap, but Espe hung close. Johnson was pulling out a small gap at the start of the last lap, the overall in hand, when it all went wrong. He swapped out in the new section and hit the ground hard. He would walk away, but his race was over. Espe now had a huge lead that he held to the checkered. Tismer held of Harguth for second. Overall it was Espe (1-1), Harguth (4-3), Stewert (3-4), Frost (5-5), Tismer (9-2), and Dan Grieg (7-6). Espe also won the highly competitive, 125cc B class.

Tismer rode to a strong second in moto 2

Riders doubling up included Dalton Carlson in 85cc 12-15 and Supermini, Shawn Kline in 125cc C and 16-24 C, Shawn Sandback in 30+ B and 40+ B, and Jamie Lichliter in 40+ C and 45+.

50cc Oil Inj. 4-8:
1.Josh Butler (COB); 2.Cameron Ziegler (KTM); 3.Bailey Kroone (KTM); 4.Alex Ingalls (KTM); 5.Garrett Strong;

50cc Multispeed 4-8:
1.Matthew Pelletier; 2.Peyton Downey; 3.Kyra Boaz (LEM); 4.Brody Boeckmann; 5.Trevor Schermann;

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Alex Ingalls (PLN); 2.Garret Strong; 3.Bailey Kroone; 4.Michael Quinn Jr; 5.Noah Mcpherson (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Tayva Strom; 2.Grant Hecht; 3.Liam Strong; 4.Adam Ness (PLN); 5.Parker Hyde (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Brody Penman (KTM); 2.Zach Bell (KTM); 3.Liam Strong (KTM); 4.Clayton Bonnicksen (Kaw); 5.Parker Hyde (KTM); 6.Jordan Adler (KTM); 7.Max Royalty (Kaw); 8.Robbie Sandback (Kaw);

65cc 10-11:
1.Mitchell Oldenburg (KTM); 2.Dylan Wolff (KTM); 3.Luke Milbrandt (Kaw); 4.Keenan Strom (KTM); 5.Colton Arneson (KTM); 6.Devin Donaho (Suz); 7.Tommy Sandback (Kaw); 8.Kali Wald (Kaw);

Girls 9-13:
1.Jessica Hadler (Suz); 2.Bailey Dupey (Hon); 3.Kayla Quinn (Yam); 4.Makenzie Franklin (Suz); 5.Kali Wald (Kaw); 6.Mckenna Oldenburg (KTM); 7.Rebecca Wright (KTM);

85cc 7-11:
1.Mitchell Oldenburg (Kaw); 2.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 3.Travis Stewart (Suz); 4.Jake Burbach (Hon); 5.Max Royalty (Kaw); 6.Trent Kubes (KTM); 7.Dylan Wolff (Suz); 8.Devin Donaho (Yam);

85cc 9-12:
1.Mitchell Oldenburg (Kaw); 2.Mccoy Oldenburg (Suz); 3.Shane Rhode (KTM); 4.Jordan Kemmerer (Kaw); 5.Jake Burbach (Hon); 6.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 7.Travis Stewart (Suz); 8.Tanner Harrington (KTM);

85cc 12-15:
1.Dalton Carlson (Kaw); 2.Mccoy Oldenburg (Suz); 3.Cody Lackore (Yam); 4.Dustin Carlson (Kaw); 5.Jake Sorenson (Suz); 6.Joe Perron (Yam); 7.Scott Kaczynski (Suz); 8.Shane Rhode (KTM);

1.Dalton Carlson (Kaw); 2.Robby Wofgang (Suz); 3.Jake Sorenson (KTM); 4.Dustin Carlson (Kaw); 5.Jordan Kemmerer (Kaw); 6.Dan Greig (KTM); 7.Scott Kaczynski (Suz); 8.Cody Lackore (Yam);

125 Junior:
1.Eric Espe (Kaw); 2.Dustin Harguth (Kaw); 3.Zach Stewart (Suz); 4.Jesse Frost (Yam); 5.Shane Tismer (Hon); 6.Dan Greig (Yam); 7.Andrew Rutledge (Hon); 8.Collin Huggins (Yam);

1.Robby Wofgang (Suz);

1.Kristen Oja (KTM); 2.Jessica Hadler (Suz); 3.Bailey Dupey (Hon);

125 A:
1.James Povolny (Suz) 2.John Dehn (Kaw) 3.Bruce Dehn (Kaw) 4.Mikhail Overby (Hon); 5.Jesse Goskey (Suz); 6.Nathan Rosso (Yam); 7.Kyle Dehn (Kaw);

125 B:
1.Eric Espe (Kaw); 2.Dustin Harguth (Kaw); 3.Shane Tismer (Hon); 4.James Carsten (Yam); 5.Zach Stewart (Suz); 6.Bryce Bernloehr (Hon); 7.Andrew Rutledge (Hon); 8.Shea Lingle (Hon);

125 C:
1.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 2.Jesse Frost (Yam); 3.Jay Sallstrom (Hon); 4.Kyle Schmiesing (Hon); 5.Jeremy Hage (Yam); 6.Cole Bernloehr (Suz); 7.Zachary Quigley (Kaw); 8.Duke Markham (Hon);

250 A:
1.James Povolny (Suz); 2.John Dehn (Suz); 3.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 4.Kyle Dehn (Suz); 5.Trevor Schuster (Hon); 6.Nick Oja (Yam);

250 B:
1.Zachary Soucek (Hon); 2.Dustin Harguth (Kaw); 3.Troy Buske (Kaw); 4.John Reinhart (Hon); 5.Justin Schroeder (Hon); 6.Zach Stewart (Suz); 7.Ricky Benson (Kaw); 8.Aaron Felegy (Yam);

250 C:
1.Chris Anderson (Kaw); 2.Joe Dubord (Yam); 3.William Wells (Yam); 4.Jacob Nelsen (Hon); 5.Sean Hoven (Yam);

16-24 A:
1.Nathan Rosso (Yam);

16-24 B:
1.Charlie Wise (Suz); 2.Zachary Soucek (Hon); 3.James Carsten (Yam); 4.Brandon Stewart (Kaw); 5.Bryce Bernloehr (Hon); 6.Troy Buske (Kaw); 7.Ricky Benson (Kaw); 8.Shea Lingle (Hon);

16-24 C:
1.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 2.Jeremy Hage (Yam); 3.Jay Sallstrom (Hon); 4.Chris Anderson (Kaw); 5.Lucas Benson (Suz); 6.Alex Gruidl (Yam);

+25 A:
1.James Povolny (Suz); 2.Mike Johnson (Kaw); 3.Tom Krause (Yam); 4.Calvin Cook (Kaw);

+25 B:
1.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 2.Andrew Bauer (Yam); 3.Jason Schanil (Hon);

+25 C:
1.Joe Dubord (Yam); 2.Craig Schwinghammer (Yam); 3.Jason Valento (Suz); 4.David O'keeffe (Hon); 5.Josh Creamer (Hon); 6.Matt Wellumson (KTM); 7.William Wells (Yam); 8.Steve Bauman (Yam);

+30 A:
1.James Povolny (Suz); 2.Mike Johnson (Kaw); 3.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 4.Tom Krause (Yam); 5.Thomas Peterson (Yam); 6.Calvin Cook (Kaw);

+30 B:
1.Shawn Sandback (Hon); 2.Samuel Stejskal (Kaw); 3.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 4.Chris Aloisio (Yam); 5.Derrick Boaz (Hon); 6.Robert Wallskog (Hon);

+30 C:
1.David O'Keeffe (Hon); 2.Jason Schanil (Hon); 3.Josh Creamer (Hon); 4.Steve Bauman (Yam); 5.Steve Schoenoff (Yam); 6.Mark Vanderwerf (Yam); 7.Stephen Stoker (Yam);

+40 A:
1.Donald Bonnickson (Kaw); 2.David Spizman (Hon); 3.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 4.Thomas Peterson (Yam); 5.Tim Bernloehr (Suz); 6.Brad Carter (Yam); 7.Blair Schmidt (Hon); 8.Robert Buck (Yam);

+40 B:
1.Shawn Sandback (Hon); 2.Micheal Shea (Hon); 3.Robert Wallskog (Hon); 4.Jon Holtz (Yam); 5.Derrick Boaz (Hon); 6.Michael Janovsky (Hon);

+40 C:
1.James Lichliter (Yam); 2.Steve Schoenoff (Yam); 3.Duane Gunderson (KTM); 4.Kevin Nelsen (Hon); 5.Brian Albers (Suz); 6.Stephen Stoker (Yam);

+45 A:
1.Donald Bonnickson (Kaw); 2.Jonathan Hodapp (Yam); 3.Jeff Coulson (Yam);

1.James Lichliter (Yam); 2.David Schmiesing (Hon); 3.Wayne Sorenson (Hon); 4.Michael Foner (KTM); 5.Robert Breu (Yam); 6.Duane Gunderson (KTM); 7.Kevin Nelsen (Hon); 8.Dan Deutsch (Yam);

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