Carlson Towers Over Competition

Elko MX, May 21, 2006

The 2006 Elko / Mankato Dealer Series opener was a bit delayed thanks to a first round washout, but started in earnest a few weeks later. Over 370 riders showed up on a mild, cloudy day and were treated to a track that stayed tacky all day. Many good individual performances and close racing highlighted a busy day of racing.

The track is located just south of the Twin Cities. Because of the proximity to the metro area and the practices that are held here every Thursday evening, many of the racers are very familiar with the track. The riders who had not been there since last fall couldn’t help but notice that the track ran the opposite direction.

The 30+ A class was deep and competitive, as usual. Aaron Carlson holeshot the first race only to go down in the second turn and fall to last. Frank Jackson took the point and ran away with it. Mike Anderson and Chris Zurek were next with Carlson quickly cutting through the pack. Carlson worked his way into second, but Jackson had built up too much of a lead. Anderson held off Zurek to the finish with Steve Annen in fifth. In the second race, Carlson kept it on two wheels on the first lap and lead from start to finish. Jackson worked his way up to second for second overall. Next in the overall results were Anderson (3-3), Jeff Sandback (6-4), and Annen (5-5).

Photo courtesy of MN MotoSports

Several of the riders in the 30+ A also rode in the largest A class of the day, 40+ A. In a Top 5 dominated by Tims, Tim Bernloehr turned good starts and hard riding into a pair of victories. The next four were the same in each moto, Scott Cripps, Anderson, Tim McLaughlin, and Tim Hanson.

Some of the tightest racing was in the 65cc 10-11 class. Blake Raskovich lead the better part of both motos, including when it counted most, but had Eric Anderson and Dylan Wolff keeping him company the whole way. Both motos, Raskovich was out front early, but Anderson and Wolff were right behind waiting for a mistake. The three rode nearly mistake-free, holding their positions to the end in both motos, while outdistancing the rest of the pack. Luke Milbrandt and Alex Anderson rounded out the top five in both motos.

Several of the C class races also featured some good racing. In the first 16-24 C moto, Shawn Kline ran out front early and pulled away. Brian Garvey moved into second on lap two and stayed there. Chris Anderson was in third and looking to move up when he fell, handing the position to Steven Nickell. Anderson recovered for fourth over Kyle “Dubs” Willemssen.

Brian Garvey leads Chris Anderson (881) and Bobby Johnson early in the first 16-24 C moto

In the second moto, Anderson got out front and checked out. Kline took second in the race and with it the overall. Anderson (4-1) was next, followed by Nickell (3-3), Garvey (2-5), Bobby Johnson (6-4), and Dubs (5-7).

Nick Claire was the only rider to win three classes, sweeping the lightly attended but competitive 125cc A, 250cc A and 16-24 A contests. Several riders were able to win two classes. Joe Neumann won 85cc 7-11 and 85cc 9-12, Cody Lakore was out front in 85cc 12-15 and Super Mini, Blake Lawrence topped 125cc B and 16-24 B and Brad Cunningham took the 25+ B and 30+ B classes.

50cc Oil Inj. 4-8:
1.Alex Ingalls (PLN); 2.Josh Butler (COB); 3.Cameron Ziegler (KTM); 4.Colton Falkman (KTM); 5.Bailey Kroone (KTM);

50cc Multispeed 4-8:
1.Dawson Lane (Hon); 2.Devon Jirik (KTM); 3.Antonio Burton (Hon); 4.Jacob Riley (KTM); 5.Kyra Boaz (LEM);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.John Paul Neumann (COB); 2.Alex Ingalls (PLN); 3.Colton Falkman (KTM); 4.Toni Jahnz (KTM); 5.Noah Mcpherson (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Jerry Robin (KTM); 2.Adam Ness (PLN); 3.Parker Hyde (KTM); 4.Joey Krech (KTM); 5.Wyatt Illg (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Max Royalty (Kaw); 2.Zacharey Williamson (KTM); 3.Alexander Ives (KTM); 4.William Dorow (KTM); 5.Jordan Adler (KTM); 6.Blake Peterson (Kaw); 7.Joshua Anderson (Kaw); 8.Bret Holland (KTM);

65cc 10-11:
1.Blake Raskovich (KTM); 2.Eric Anderson (KTM); 3.Dylan Wolff (KTM); 4.Luke Milbrandt (Kaw); 5.Alex Anderson (KTM); 6.Colton Arneson (KTM); 7.Matthew Huinker (KTM); 8.Trent Kubes (KTM);

85cc 7-11:
1.Joe Neumann (Suz); 2.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 3.Travis Stewart (Suz); 4.Jake Burbach (Hon); 5.Cody Slark (Hon); 6.Max Royalty (Kaw); 7.Blake Raskovich (KTM); 8.Eric Anderson (Suz);

85cc 9-12:
1.Joe Neumann (Suz); 2.Tyler Beebe (Yam); 3.Shane Rhode (KTM); 4.Travis Stewart (Suz); 5.Cody Slark (Hon); 6.Jeremy Juliot (Suz); 7.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 8.Jake Burbach (Hon);

85cc 12-15:
1.Cody Lackore (Yam); 2.Jake Sorenson (Suz); 3.Joe Perron (Yam); 4.Tyler Beebe (Yam); 5.Brandon Bartelds (KTM); 6.Dustin Wolff (Suz); 7.Shane Rhode (KTM); 8.Zack Berg (Suz);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Cody Lackore (Yam); 2.Jake Sorenson (KTM); 3.Dan Greig (KTM); 4.Joe Perron (Yam); 5.Brandon Bartelds (KTM); 6.Zac Bongers (Suz); 7.Shane Rhode (KTM); 8.Sean Castle (Yam);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Dan Greig (KTM); 2.Jacob Larson (Yam);

125 Junior:
1.Justin Posusta (Suz); 2.Shane Tismer (Hon); 3.Zach Stewart (Suz); 4.Jesse Frost (Yam); 5.Trent Hinrichs (Hon); 6.Collin Huggins (Yam); 7.Cole Bernloehr (Suz); 8.Cole Seaton (Suz);

Girls 9-13:
1.Claire Cripps (Suz); 2.Skyler Anderson (Kaw); 3.Cassie Holcomb (Yam); 4.Kali Wald (Kaw); 5.Kayla Quinn (Yam); 6.Bailey Dupey (Hon); 7.Samantha Sprague (Kaw);

125 A:
1.Nick Claire (Yam); 2.Craig Radle (Yam);

125 B:
1.Blake Lawrence (Suz); 2.Shane Tismer (Hon); 3.Justin Posusta (Suz); 4.Tim Fuller (Yam); 5.Bryce Bernloehr (Hon); 6.Derek Elliot (Hon); 7.Blake Jablonski (Yam); 8.Weston Lind (Hon);

125 C:
1.Jesse Frost (Yam); 2.Robert Cripps (Yam); 3.Trent Hinrichs (Hon); 4.Brian Garvey (Kaw); 5.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 6.Cole Bernloehr (Suz); 7.Jacob Larson (Yam); 8.Kyle Schmiesing (Hon);

250 A:
1.Nick Claire (Yam); 2.Matt Ahlers (Hon); 3.Trevor Schuster (Hon); 4.Nick Oja (Yam); 5.Matt Foels (Hon); 6.Ryan Nesbit (Yam);

250 B:
1.Aaron Deer (KTM); 2.Zachary Soucek (Hon); 3.John Reinhart (Hon); 4.Zach Stewart (Suz); 5.Steven Hanks (Yam); 6.Jesse Spangler (Yam); 7.Aaron Felegy (Yam); 8.Matthew Nesbit (Hon);

250 C:
1.Chris Anderson (Kaw); 2.Chad Noaeill (Hon); 3.William Wells (Yam); 4.Jacob Nelsen (Hon);

16/24 A:
1.Nick Claire (Yam); 2.Trevor Schuster (Hon); 3.Matt Ahlers (Hon);

16/24 B:
1.Blake Lawrence (Suz); 2.Zachary Soucek (Hon); 3.Tim Fuller (Yam); 4.Shea Lingle (Hon); 5.Bryce Bernloehr (Hon); 6.Aaron Felegy (Yam); 7.Joe Belgarde (Yam); 8.Blake Jablonski (Yam);

16/24 C:
1.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 2.Chris Anderson (Kaw); 3.Steven Nickell (Yam); 4.Brian Garvey (Kaw); 5.Bobby Johnson (Suz); 6.Kyle Willemssen (Kaw); 7.Ryan Benson (Hon); 8.Landon Carlson (Kaw);

+25 A:
1.Frank Jackson (Yam); 2.Chris Zurek (Kaw); 3.Norm Miesen (Yam);

+25 B:
1.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 2.Clayton Manthe (Suz); 3.Steven Riordan (Hon); 4.Michael Janovsky (Hon); 5.Jeff Ryan (Hon); 6.Bob Chase (Yam);

+25 C:
1.David O'keeffe (Hon); 2.Jason Valento (Suz); 3.Craig Schwinghammer (Yam); 4.William Wells (Yam); 5.Matt Wellumson (KTM);

+30 A:
1.Aaron Carlson (Yam); 2.Frank Jackson (Yam); 3.Mike Anderson (Suz); 4.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 5.Steve Annen (Kaw); 6.Chris Zurek (Kaw); 7.Eric Garvey (Hon); 8.Norm Miesen (Yam);

+30 B:
1.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 2.Clayton Manthe (Suz); 3.Robert Rauner (Yam); 4.Shawn Sandback (Hon); 5.Steven Riordan (Hon); 6.Jeff Ryan (Hon); 7.Chris Aloisio (Yam); 8.Samuel Stejskal (Kaw);

+30 C:
1.David O'keeffe (Hon); 2.Paul Tweeton (Hon); 3.Mark Vanderwerf (Yam); 4.Stephen Stoker (Yam); 5.James Brein (Hon); 6.James Lichliter (Yam); 7.Mark Lewis (Hon);

+40 A:
1.Tim Bernloehr (Suz); 2.Scott Cripps (Yam); 3.Mike Anderson (Suz); 4.Tim Mclaughlin (Hon); 5.Tim Hanson (Hon); 6.Randy Saeger (Yam); 7.Steve Annen (Kaw); 8.Jonathan Hodapp (Yam);

+40 B:
1.Shawn Sandback (Hon); 2.Jon Holtz (Yam); 3.Michael Janovsky (Hon); 4.Robert Wallskog (Hon); 5.Micheal Shea (Hon); 6.Robert Halvorson (Yam); 7.Jeffrey Schreurs (Yam); 8.Bob Chase (Yam);

+40 C:
1.James Lichliter (Yam); 2.Dennis Bohnen (Hon); 3.Duane Gunderson (KTM); 4.Timothy Boe (Yam); 5.Stephen Stoker (Yam); 6.Ken Hoyhtya (Yam); 7.Kevin Nelsen (Hon); 8.John Larson (Kaw);

45+ A:
1.Lee Arntz (Yam); 2.Randy Saeger (Yam); 3.Jonathan Hodapp (Yam); 4.Michael Voegele (Hon); 5.Jeff Coulson (Yam);

1.Michael Foner (KTM); 2.Daniel Larson (Hon); 3.Dan Karg (Yam); 4.Timothy Boe (Yam); 5.Duane Gunderson (KTM); 6.Kevin Nelsen (Hon); 7.Mark Lewis (Hon); 8.Mark Anderson (KTM);

1.Jessica Hansen (Hon); 2.Samantha Hoyhtya (Yam); 3.Amanda Wald (Kaw); 4.Skyler Anderson (Kaw); 5.Terri Slater (KTM); 6.Bailey Dupey (Hon); 7.Brittany Bender (Suz);

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