Povolny Storms Elko Motocross

Elko MX, June 27, 2004

In a day where the weather didn’t go as forecast, James Povolny’s results were what most people would have predicted: Smooth riding wins in all four motos that he competed in. A break in the national series allowed the Minnesota native to race at Elko Motocross, a track close to his home, and also allowed some of the local hotshoes to see how they measured up against a national caliber rider.

The day started with a mildly threatening cloud pattern and occasional light showers, just as forecast. The somewhat sandy soil was in great shape for the 450 entrants. Early in the order was 25+ A, Povolny’s first race of the day. The Honda 450 rider, who conducts motocross schools when he’s not on the national circuit, schooled his competitors in this race, easily leading home Aaron Carlson, Jed O’Connor, Joe Hurd, and Mike Johnson.

About half through first set of motos, despite predictions to the contrary, it began to rain and didn’t stop until the second motos started. The extra water on the track in the second 25+ A moto didn’t seem to slow Povolny. He took the lead immediately and stretched it to over 20 seconds. Hurd work his way up to finish second in the moto and overall. He was followed by Carlson (2-4) Johnson (5-3), and O’Connor (3-7).

National contender, James Povolny, styled out front all day.

The 250 A class featured three very talented Minnesota riders that don’t normally race against each other. Povolny races the national Supercross and Outdoor Series and had just finished a career high 9th at Budds Creek the week before. John Dehn travels through out the state racing the District 23 Premier Series and went into the race leading both Premier classes. Representing the locals was Scott county’s own, Brett Ohland, who is most often found out front either in the Elko-Mankato Dealer Series or at one of the many supercross races that Motokazie promotes.

The track was quite wet for the first 250 A race, Dehn pulled the holeshot, but Povolny quickly stormed by, leading all the way. Dehn kept him in sight with Ohland not far behind him. Scott Ehlenfeldt worked his way up to fourth. In the second 250 A moto, 125 A winner, Ohland, got the holeshot, with Povolny and Dehn close behind. Povolny passed Ohland at the end of the second lap and pulled away. Dehn began reeling in Ohland, passing him on the last lap for second in the moto and overall. The 16-24 A winner, Ehlenfeldt, was again fourth.

One of the more competitive classes was the 30+ B class. Jeff Sandback won both motos, but he had to work hard for both victories. In the first moto, Brad Carter grabbed the holeshot, but crashed shortly after and was not a factor in the race. Sandback worked his way up from a mid-pack start and into the lead. Paul Gardner rode his Ex-Mario YZ to second followed by Tim Woodwick, Anthony Lake, and John Mulligan. In moto two, Mark Riech, Sandback, and Lake went at it early. Lake went down and Sandback pulled away, leading by 12 seconds at the end. Riech held onto second, but a first moto 11th left him out of the overall top five. Gardner ended up second with a 2-5 tally, followed by Mulligan (5-4), Lake (4-6), and a second moto charging, David Genites (8-3). Sandback also won the 40+ B class.

Mark Reich leads Anthony Lake early in the second 30+ B moto.

There were several other riders winning two classes. Dalton Carlson topped the 65cc 10-11 and 85cc 7-11 classes, Jesse Kangas won 85cc 12-15 and Super-Mini, Bruce Dehn took Schoolboy and 125cc B, 30+B and 40+B, and Mike “fossil” Quinn won 45+ B/C and the lonely 50+ class.

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50cc Oil Inj. 4-6:
1.Bradley Johnson (KTM); 2.Matt Tupy (COB); 3.Nicholas Haut (KTM); 4.Derrick Vanhe (KTM); 5.Dalton Lyons (KTM);

50cc Oil Inj. 7-8:
1.Jacob Meyer (KTM); 2.Joey Greig (KTM); 3.Zachery Lissick (KTM); 4.Madison Falkman (KTM); 5.Alex Miller (Yam);

50cc Chain 4-6:
1.Tayva Strom (KTM); 2.Nick Schnagl (KTM); 3.Cody Dorff (KTM); 4.John Neumann (COB); 5.Patrick Haney (KTM);

50cc Chain 7-8:
1.Aaron Rouse (PLN); 2.Austin Midas (PLN); 3.Cole Hauenstein (KTM); 4.Matthew Huinker (KTM); 5.Wyatt Stoen (KTM);

65cc 7-9:
1.Aaron Rouse (KTM); 2.Blake Raskovich (KTM); 3.Travis Stewart (Suz); 4.Erik Jensen (KTM); 5.Dylan Wolff (KTM); 6.Luke Milbrandt (Kaw); 7.Keenan Strom (Yam); 8.Chris Leske (Suz);

65cc 10-11:
1.Dalton Carlson (Suz); 2.Dustin Wolff (KTM); 3.Shane Rhode (KTM); 4.Jeremy Juliot (Kaw); 5.Austin Falkman (KTM); 6.Travis Muller (Kaw); 7.Dustin Therault (Suz); 8.Reid Gerhardt (Kaw);

85cc 7-11:
1.Dalton Carlson (Suz); 2.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 3.Zachary Sherman (Suz); 4.Dan Greig (KTM); 5.Nate Stier (Hon); 6.Scott Kaczynski (Suz); 7.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 8.Joe Perron (Yam);

85cc 9-12:
1.Eric Johnson (Suz); 2.Taylor Kotewa (Yam); 3.Justin Regenscheid (Suz); 4.Shane Tismer (Yam); 5.Riley Kroone (Kaw); 6.Luke Johnson (Suz); 7.Zachary Sherman (Suz); 8.Scott Kaczynski (Suz);

85cc 12-15:
1.Jesse Kangas (Hon); 2.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 3.Taylor Kotewa (Yam); 4.Eric Johnson (Suz); 5.Cort Gregory (Yam); 6.Tony Demarais (Suz); 7.Dustin Carlson (Suz); 8.Charles Perkins (Yam);

Super-Mini 12-15:
1.Jesse Kangas (Hon); 2.Tony Demarais (Suz); 3.Shawn Kline (Kaw); 4.Isaac Schreurs (Yam); 5.Charles Perkins (Yam); 6.Brandon Stewart (Suz); 7.Lucas Benson (Suz); 8.Allison Larson (Kaw);

Schoolboy 12-15:
1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.John Emmeck (Hon); 3.Blake Orourke (Hon); 4.Kyle Dehn (Kaw); 5.Nick Oja (Yam); 6.Matt Wodtke (Suz); 7.Michael Graber (Suz); 8.Tony Demarais (Suz);

125 A:
1.Brett Ohland (Yam); 2.John Dehn (Yam); 3.Jacob Johnson (Suz); 4.Joe Mueller (Hon); 5.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM); 6.Ryan Greening (Yam); 7.Steve Olson (Yam); 8.Leon Gutzwiller (Yam);

125 B:
1.Bruce Dehn (Suz); 2.Jeremy Girard (Yam); 3.Matt Wodtke (Suz); 4.Brad Perron (Yam); 5.John Emmeck (Hon); 6.Kyle Dehn (Kaw); 7.Matt Foels (Kaw); 8.Adam Johnson (Suz);

125 C:
1.Jacob Coulson (Yam); 2.Cj Kroska (Hon); 3.Andrew Shaw (Kaw); 4.Ryan Miller (Yam); 5.James Carsten (Yam); 6.Michael Graber (Suz); 7.Joe Murphy (Yam); 8.Nick Oja (Yam);

250/Open A:
1.James Povolny (Hon); 2.John Dehn (Yam); 3.Brett Ohland (Yam); 4.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM); 5.Ryan Greening (Yam); 6.Jason Doyle (Hon); 7.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 8.Mike Evenson (Yam);

250/Open B:
1.Matt Wodtke (Suz); 2.Aaron Deer (KTM); 3.Dustin Axtman (Yam); 4.Tim Schulz (Hon); 5.Blake Orourke (Hon); 6.Jeremy Tholen (Yam); 7.Matt Gamble (Yam); 8.Steve Rolla (Hon);

250/Open C:
1.Steven Hanks (Yam); 2.Jeff Kline (Yam); 3.Jay Slattery (Hon); 4.Brian Erickson (Kaw); 5.Wade Walvatne (Kaw); 6.John Reinhart (Hon); 7.Zach Ostenso (Suz); 8.David O'keeffe (Hon);

16/24 A:
1.Scott Ehlenfeldt (KTM); 2.Joe Mueller (Hon); 3.Jacob Johnson (Suz); 4.Jason Doyle (Hon); 5.John Franek (Yam); 6.Mike Evenson (Yam); 7.Eddy Gregory (Yam); 8.Trevor Schuster (Yam);

16/24 B:
1.Jeremy Girard (Yam); 2.Aaron Deer (KTM); 3.Andy Stier (KTM); 4.Adam Johnson (Suz); 5.Brad Perron (Yam); 6.Matt Foels (Kaw); 7.Troy Buske (Yam); 8.Brandon Korin (Yam);

16/24 C:
1.James Carsten (Yam); 2.Mitchell Foels (Kaw); 3.Jacob Coulson (Yam); 4.Jeff Kline (Yam); 5.Brandon Murphy (Yam); 6.Steven Nickell (Yam); 7.Cj Kroska (Hon); 8.Mike Hiniker (Kaw);

25+ A:
1.James Povolny (Hon); 2.Joe Hurd (Hon); 3.Aaron Carlson (Yam); 4.Mike Johnson (Hon); 5.Jed Oconnor (Hon); 6.Leon Gutzwiller (Yam); 7.Chris Zurek (Hon); 8.Tim Hanson (Hon);

25+ B:
1.Dustin Axtman (Yam); 2.Jeremy Tholen (Yam); 3.Steve Rolla (Hon); 4.David Genites (Hon); 5.Skip Rosnow (Yam); 6.Bart Hollaren (Hon); 7.Paul Gardner (Yam); 8.Brad Carter (Yam);

25+ C:
1.Matt Borgman (Hon); 2.Wade Walvatne (Kaw); 3.Chris Meiser (Kaw); 4.Brian Erickson (Kaw); 5.Kevin Bronson (Hon); 6.Paul Cherry (Yam); 7.John Eggen (Yam); 8.Matt Olund (Hon);

30+ A:
1.Mike Carlson (Hon); 2.David Spizman (Hon); 3.Mike Johnson (Hon); 4.Chris Zurek (Hon); 5.Tim Hanson (Hon);

30+ B:
1.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 2.Paul Gardner (Yam); 3.John Mulligan (Yam); 4.Anthony Lake (Hon); 5.David Genites (Hon); 6.Mark Reich (Yam); 7.Tim Woodwick (Kaw); 8.Clayton Manthe (Hon);

30+ C:
1.Thomas Lundquist (Suz); 2.Kyle Johnson (Hon); 3.Greg Lamont (Hon); 4.Micheal Shea (Hon); 5.Paul Cherry (Yam); 6.Brad Cunningham (Hon); 7.Matt Borgman (Hon); 8.John Eggen (Yam);

40+ A:
1.Ken Matson (Hon); 2.Scott Cripps (Yam); 3.Bob Chase (Yam); 4.David Spizman (Hon);

40+ B:
1.Jeff Sandback (Hon); 2.Robert Buck (Yam); 3.John Mulligan (Yam); 4.Robert Dennig (Hon); 5.Wayne Sorenson (Hon); 6.Micheal Wegscheid (Yam); 7.Jeff Coulson (Yam);

40+ C:
1.Kyle Johnson (Hon); 2.Jim Povolny (Hon); 3.Timothy Murphy (Yam); 4.John Larson (Kaw); 5.James Grieser (Kaw); 6.Jeffrey Schreurs (Kaw); 7.Mike Carpenter (Kaw); 8.Dan Karg (Yam);

45+ A:
1.Dave Hencir (Hon);

45+ B/C:
1.Michael Quinn (Yam); 2.John Dahlen (Kaw); 3.Duane Gunderson (Hon); 4.John Schaefer (Kaw); 5.Todd Thomas (Yam); 6.Wayne Johnson (Yam); 7.Kevin Sheetz (Yam); 8.Robert Breu (Hon);

50 Plus:
1.Michael Quinn (Yam);

1.Tiffany Rumpca (Yam); 2.Beth Schwantz (Hon); 3.Corbin Kaczynski (Suz); 4.Kayla Solheid (Hon); 5.Allison Larson (Kaw); 6.Amber Johnson (Kaw);

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