My Life as a Motorcycle List
by Bob Chase

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This book takes a look back at an eclectic set of motorcycles and the mostly true stories surrounding them. Running through it all is the author's strong drive to become a better racer, and an utter disregard of common sense. This passionate, but only marginally skilled rider somehow managed to cross paths with the likes of Tom Benolkin, Chuck Sun, Marty Smith, David Bailey, and other Motocross legends.

The stories start in rural Burnsville, Minnesota in the 1970s, then rolls out east, District 13 Motocross in Virginia during the early 80s. These dirt bikes reflect a time of rapid technological advancements as well as a turbulent time in the author's life while serving in the US Navy. Four of the book's seven photos are from that era and are included in the book's stock trim.

The racing ends for a while, but the Minnesota stories continue, with 80s and 90s topics ranging from the North Stars, to Greg LeMond, to the Pacer that Wouldn't Die.

Racing motorcycles resumes in the early 2000s in District 23 Vet classes, and at the very start of the four-stroke era. The author is now an allegedly responsible adult who becomes a local moto-journalist, an active member of the Straight Arrows, and a District 23 board member. He is an early web site pioneer, starting with the very first ARMCA (D23) web site, then with the Original (now called Classic)

This final version brings the story to the end of 2022, answering all the unposed questions from the original version. It also includes the long and winding trail that culminated with the publishing of Pioneers of Minnesota Motocross: Donny Schmit and Tom Benolkin .

If you're looking for serious philosophical or social discussion, I'm surprised you re still reading this Description. If you're looking for fun stories about old motorcycles and days gone by, this book is for you.

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