Gopher State Moto Photos
The early years of District 23 Motocross
by Bob Chase

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In what could be considered a photo supplement to the Prequel section of Pioneers of Minnesota Motocross, this book contains over 80 photos with a few short stories sprinkled in. This is not a complete history of those early days of Motocross in Minnesota, 1971 through 1977, more of a collection of memories from people that were there, including many of the top riders. There are a few exceptions to the 70s MX criteria in order to highlight other Minnesota venues and people involved in the sport.

Spring Creek Park, aka Millville, was there from the start and is known throughout the country if not the world, but there are many other promoters, tracks, and dealerships that have were a huge part of those early days of District 23, not just Motocross, but all venues. Some still exist, but many have long since gone into memory. This book mines from that rich vein of Motorcycle History.

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