Bob's Favorite Books about Dirt Bikes (so far)

Motorcycle Racing History is not a category in Amazon. Thereís Motorcycle History, but it's dominated by books about Harleys, gangs, defunct European brands, and life-on-the-road self-discovery. There is also a Motorcycle Racing category which is better, but includes childrenís books and not too many about Motocross or its history. This page started with Motocross History, but expanded to include anything that takes place in the past and involves riding dirt bikes, preferably in competition.

All these books are available for purchase unless noted otherwise. There are many good books that are out of print, not carried on Amazon, or are otherwise unavailable. I'll keep looking for those and any new ones that come to my attention. The list will grow over time. I do not write reviews here, but itís safe to say a book wouldnít be on this page if I didn't like it.

The books below are firmly in the Motocross History category.



These books are not available on Amazon. They can only be purchased through the linked websites.


I don't normally buy Coffee Table books, I haven't even owned a coffee table since the early 2000s. Malcom! was a gift and I have really enjoyed it. Great insights and quality photos. I have not seen the other three yet, but have heard good things about them.



These are about other forms of Motorcycle Racing.


There aren't exactly Motocross History, but you can't go wrong with stories about motorcycles, no matter what era or context.