Bob's Favorite Books about Motorcycle Racing (so far)

Motorcycle Racing History is not a category in Amazon. There are Motorcycle History and Motorcycle Racing categories, but they don't often overlap. The common trait of all these books is the past and going fast on motorcycles. I am a Motocross guy by experience, but love all forms of racing and playing in the dirt.

There are many good books out there that are out of print, not carried on Amazon, or I just haven't got to yet. The list will grow over time. I do not write reviews here, but it's safe to say a book wouldn't be on this page if I didn't like it.






These books are not available on Amazon. They can only be purchased through the linked websites.

These books feature or include photography from the past. Many call the larger ones Coffee Table books, but I haven't owned a coffee table since the early 2000s, and that in no way has hindered my strong enjoyment of them.