Minnesotans In Print

There were many skilled photographers in Minnesota. Tom Riles and John Rannikko and had their work published in Dirt Bike magazine in 1978.

Tom Benolkin started showing up in print outside of Minnesota starting in 1978.

This full-page photo appeared in Motocross Action magazine in 1979. The bike is a Honda, not a Yamaha, but his name, home state and finishes are correct.

Steve Benolkin gets some press. It notes that Tom was "helped by the experienced wrenching of his brother Steve".

Possibly the earliest Cycle News (East) article with a pro Minnesota rider, Rick Heiseke is pictured on the left side.

The local paper of Owatonna printed this article in 1972 featuring Rick Heiseke and this new sport of Moto-Cross (at least they didn’t spell it motorcross).

Steve Casper captures this moment perfectly as Troy Luhman tries to ride it out.

Rick Heiseke representing the motorcycle contingent, at least in this 1975 promotional shot, for a “Match Race” on Lake Minnetonka

Nothing to do with Minnesota, it just cracks me up that they would run this in the late 70s.