My Life as a Motorcycle History

Originally, this was going to be a simple list of every motorcycle that I have ever owned with a few comments about each one. As I started writing this, I realized that the story of much of my life could be told through the motorcycles I've owned. Whether this is a story anyone wants to hear is debatable, but the internet being the self-publishers haven that it is, it doesn't matter if anyone wants to read it or not.

So it turned into this. The New York Times called it, "a sarcastic, high RPM romp through the 70s and 80s", the Minneapolis Star Tribune called it, "a boring rehash of some pathetic, middle-age man's dirt bike experiences" (never did like the Star Tribune), and Psychology Today said that, "whoever created this site should not be allowed to breed" (I thought that was getting a bit personal).

There are (only?) two ways to experience this part of the web site. Use the Bike List, which is by its nature a spoiler, or start on the first bike and use the Next link to move to the next exciting chapter.

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