MX Bob Bike History - Eastward Gaze 23
2005 O'Hallee CRF180
Engineered in Japan

Even though I put an apostrophe in the name and jokingly referred to it as my Irish Honda, it was in fact Chinese. It was pretty much a copy of the Honda CRF180, the engine anyway, but without the Japanese level of quality control. It came with a poorly translated owner's manual that was occasionally useful, but mostly good for laughs.

I had stopped using this for quite a while before I finally sold it. Blair continued to be saddled with working on it. The guy who bought from me didnt do much work on it himself, lived fairly close to Blair's shop, and tracked him down to fix it. Eventually he stopped seeing the guy until 2016, when there at Sport Wheels, much to my imagined horror, he spotted the last remains of the Chinese-Irish Honda.

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