MX Bob Bike History - Synthesis 22
2003 Yamaha YZ250
MX Bob Plimpton

The motor pulled fast and strong. It felt like the Honda on race gas. The turning felt a bit slower, but it was much more stable for me than the in the faster sections. The forks felt noticeably better than the 2000 CR. I could especially feel it when negotiating the sweeper after the first turn at Millville. That would get really rough on the days with 600-800 entries.

Set up for TT.

This is obviously not this motorcycle, but one of the few times I rode someone else's bike in competition.

Mankato Motocross. The author thrills the crowd was his jumping antics.

Manakto Motocross

Manakto Motocross. Looks like I came up a little bit short on a gap jump.

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