MX Bob Bike History - Restoration 18
1989 Yamaha YZ250
Vet Class Return

Even though this bike was the oldest one that I looked at, it had the fewest hours. It had probably been ridden a total of less than 10 hours (it still had the stock tire) and didn't look like it had been crashed. This bike had as much peak power as any of the new bikes. As I started to get some of my skills back, I started longing for more bottom end, plusher suspension, and better ergonomics.

Nothing quite says "classy" quite like a 70s-era camper, a dog run, and a dirt bike on a five-gallon paint can.

The tounge is not quite hanging out of the helmet, but it's only the third lap.
Grantsburg,WI   October 1999  Photo by Dick Bielke

The (poorly kept) Secret Grass Track. Many laps were run around this track with this bike and the next one in the list.

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