MX Bob Bike Collection - Book 12
1980 Kawasaki KZ400
The Epic Journey of 1983

This was my first pure street bike. I bought it at Old Dominion Kawasaki, in Norfolk, Virginia, about five months before I got out of the Navy. This was used, pretty basic, but in good shape. The only accessory I bought for it was a windscreen that bolted onto the bars. Even though the screen was relatively cheap, and looked it, I would later be extremely thankful that I made that particular investment.

Bob, Tom, Steve, and Rob Fendler

An obviously staged photo as the Fendlers hope I don't damage the motorcycle.

I got to see Bob Hannah’s future buddy, Keith Bowen, absolutely flying on his YZ250, Donny Schmit and Jeff Stanton go at it in the 100 class, and Danny Storbeck win three classes, shortly before the current limit of two classes was added to the rules.

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