Minnesota Professional Motorcycle Racing Hall of Fame
Multiple Event Qualifiers

These riders all qualified for several Motocross Nationals, but were not "in the points". Since qualifying for a national is something few riders can accomplish even once, their efforts are noted here.

Brandon Riehm
After qualifying his KX250F at Millville and Unadilla in 2013, he travelled the country in 2014, qualifying for 8 Motocross nationals, all on a 250. His best finish was a 26th at Washougal, just outside the points both motos.

Justin Craft
Justin qualified for 3 nationals in 2014 on a 250, and 3 450 rounds in 2015, hitting 4 other tracks besides the 2 Millville rounds. His best overall finish was at the final round in 2014, Utah, 24th overall and oh so close to the points each race.

John Dehn
Like many of the others on this page, the first national John qualified for was at Millville, riding in the 125/250 class. This was 2003. The next year, he qualified for Red Bud on a YZ250F, but then switched to a YZ250 two-stroke, and qualified at Unadilla and Millville. In 2005, he qualified his YZ450 at High Point, and got his best result at Red Bud, a 25-23 score. After a 4 year break, he qualified for Millville in the 250 class in 2009, and the 450 class in 2010.

At the very start of his pro career, John was a regular winner of District 23 events. Because his choice of tracks was similar to the MXBob.com writing crew, and because he won so much, he is featured often in the
Hall of Famers Racing Locally wing.

Kevin Beloy
Between 1999 and 2002, Kevin qualified for 8 rounds, all in the 250/450/MX class. Only 2 of those were Millville. He also qualified at 6 other tracks.

Joseph Perron
Perron qualified for 9 nationals between 2012 and 2017, 5 of which were at Millville; 2012 250, 2014 450, 2015 250, 2016 450, and 2017 450. He also qualified for 2 Colorado rounds; 2015 250, 2017 450. 2015 saw him qualify in the 250 class at Tennessee

After a five year absence, Perron qualified in the 450 Class at Millville in 2020, his 6th time qualifying at Millville.

Clarion Chapiewski
After qualifying at Millville in 2013, he qualified at 3 outstate tracks in 2014, then finished up at Millville in 2015. All his races were on a Honda CR250F.

Jason Kempel
Jason qualified for 3 Millville nationals, 1991, 1993, and 1994, all in the 125 class, all on a Honda.

Jay Mercill
Mercill qualified for Millville in 1992 and 1994 in the 125 class, and qualified at Red Bud in the 250 class in 1995, all on Honda.

Nick Schnagl
Nick qualified his CR250F for 3 Motocross nationals in 2017. Interestingly, none of the three tracks were Millville.

Nicholas Jackson
Nick qualified for the 250 class at Washougal in 2010 and a 450 back home at Millville in 2011. 8 years later in 2019, he qualified for the 450 class again at Millville. In the 3 races that he qualified for, he rode 3 different brands; Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

Brent Stevensen
Stevensen qualified his big-bore Yamaha 3 times at Millville, 2000, 2002, and 2003.

Ben Adamson
One of the more recent entries to this web page, Ben qualified in the 250 class at Millville in 2018, and High Point and Florida in 2019.

Gavin Kadlec
Gavin put his Motocity sponsored KTM 450 in the national at Indiana in 2014 and Millville in 2015.

Cody Lackore
Cody qualified for Budds Creek and Millville in 2012.

Brandon Haas
Brandon was once a top rider in District 23. His luck racing in the pros was not so good, but he definitely found his place in the industry as the owner of Club MX. In 2010, he had the distinction of qualifying on a YZ250 at one round and a 450F in another.

Ryder Hanninen
Another recent addition, Ryder qualified his KX450 at both Red Bud and Millville in 2019.

Philip Maus
Philip Maus qualified at Millville in the 250 class in 2019 and Hangtown 2021 in the 450 class.

Bailey Kroone
Bailey qualified for the Washougal National in 2021, then Millville and Red Bud in 2023, all in the 250 class

Cameron Skaalerud
The most recent to the hall qualified in 2023, getting into the main show in the 250 class at Red Bud and Millville.