Pat Donaho - Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Pat Donaho - Motocross

Pat is a late addition, because he raced when the individual moto results were often difficult to find or inaccurate. After the MX Bob research crew finally got around to resolving it, it was determined that he did in fact finish 18th at 1993 Red Bud National, qualifying him for the Hall.

If there is ever a section added to this web site for all the fast amateur racers from Minnesota, Pat would appear prominently in it. He raced and did well at many amateur national events on a 80s, and later 125s. He never had that level of success professionally, but qualified for the big show several times, and was briefly on television when he was involved in a first turn pile-up. He has been back racing several times since then, showing he still had the speed to run up front with the other fast Minnesota Vets.

1992 Millville

2003 Millville

2019 Mora