Lee Erickson - Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Lee Erickson - Motocross

Lee qualified for 3 Millville nationals in a row from 1993 1995. His best result was in 1993 on the 500 when he got a 14th in the first moto.

Millville Results
1993 500 23rd 14-22
1994 250 Qualified
1995 250 Qualified

Lee was a regular at Grantsburg, and from 2004 2009, he was mentioned often in the MXBob.com race reports. Even when conditions were tough, which was most of the time, he still raced 2 or 3 classes, and won them often, winning 250 A, 25+A, and 30+A several times. He is featured often in the Vets at Grantsburg section of the Hall of Famers Racing Locally wing.