Scott Jendro - Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Scott Jendro - Motocross

Scott was a top A rider in District 23 since the early 2000s, occasionally giving a national motocross a try. Although he had qualified for a national several times, those elusive national points had eluded him. In the extreme heat and humidity of the Texas national in 2008, he qualified for the 250 class (Just say no to the name Lites). In the second moto, as riders were wilting and dropping out, Scott kept driving forward from a bad start, working his way up to 20th and a hard-earned point.

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At the same time he was racing pro events, Scott was also a regular winner of District 23 events and Grantsburg particularly. Because that was a regular stop of the writing crew, and because he usually won the toughest classes, he is featured often in the Hall of Famers Racing Locally wing.

Original photo by Gregg Wolfe (reformatted for the web)