Dalton Carlson - Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Dalton Carlson - Motocross

Dalton qualified for 3 nationals in 2011 in the 250 class, entering the Hall by earning 7 points in the wet sand of Southwick. He switched to the 450 class for 2012 and 2013, qualifying for 9 events in 2012, and 2 in 2013. In 2013 he rode a YZ450F at Hangtown, but then switched to a YZ250 for Millville. The sweet sound of a 250 two-stroke was becoming quite rare at the national level by that point.

Before he made his foray into the pro ranks, Dalton was a regular winner at District 23. Because his choice of tracks was similar to the MXBob.com writing crew, and because he won so much, his name and efforts appear often in the Hall of Famers Racing Locally wing.