Gary Bronikowski- Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member

Gary Bronikowski - Motocross

Although the Bronc is often known for being a factory rider for Can-am, he only had one points paying result on that brand. The rest were while riding a Honda. After a 15th in the 500 class on the Can-am in 1985, he returned to Millville the next year on a Honda 125, and despite being a pretty big guy, finished in the points. All his other races were in the 500 class. In 1987, he qualified at Lake Sugar Tree and Troy, Ohio, and Millville. He raced nine 500 nationals in 1988 and 1989, his best results being a 15th in 1988 at Broome-Tioga, and 14th in 1989 at, where else, Millville.

Sometime after that, he headed back up north and dropped out of sight.

The subject of Gary came up a Racer-X articles in 2019. That put them on the hunt for more information, but they were unable to get in direct contact with him. Iím hoping to beat them to it, but that could be difficult.

From Racer-X:
We got some tips and notes from old friends, but no real leads yet.

I worked with Gary "The Breeze" Bronikowski at a Kawasaki dealership in Riverside when he lived in Southern California for a spell in the late '80s. He worked in sales. We once went in his red box van down to practice off Palm Avenue, one of only two times that I went, sadly. It was a great time riding, and just watching him ride. Others would stop and watch him, too. He used to joke that his national finishes never represented his ability because he raced like "stick man" (tight). I hope you hear from him. I haven't in years.

I grew up riding in a gravel pit in Carlton, MN. A couple regulars at that pit were Bronc and his teammate Johnny Martin (father of Alex and Jeremy). I was always amazed how fast they both rode on those (Can-Am) tanks! If you haven't already, check with the Martins and see if they know where he is. My family moved to San Diego when I was 14. I ran into Bronc on a CR125 at the riding area Otay Mesa. At a local race at Barona Oaks we saw Donny Schmit and mentioned that we saw Bronc, and Donny was stoked. That's a testament of how good a guy Bronc was. We exchanged numbers, rode together one more time and never heard from him again. That was roughly '87.
Hope you find him, Keith Shadof